Top 5 Video Editing Apps for iPhone Users

Larisa Wong
February 19, 2020

Regardless of whether you spend time on Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok, iPhone editing apps are fully functional and powerful. So you can do almost anything on a dedicated desktop computer with video editing features. The greatest part is that with some editors, you can transfer your projects from phone to desktop and vice versa, really obscuring the line between professional tools and toys. This is ideal for consumers and ideal for those who edit videos on the go, whether professional or not.

Below are the top video editing apps used by iPhone users.

1. LumaFusion

First of all, LumaFusion is certainly on the list. It has always remained one of the best phone video effects and editing apps. It is used by film directors, mobile journalists, and expert video producers to tell exciting video stories. It is so powerful that it contains all the functions necessary for video and audio editing. LumaFusion is the app to use if you work to edit videos like a professional.

2. InShot

Inshot has everything you require for social videos. You can easily crop and customize the video by adding music and text/emoticons. The editing logic of InShot is smooth and therefore user-friendly. It is also ready to work on social networks so you can share your video at all social platform in seconds.

3. Splice

Splice is a simple but powerful tool that makes it simple to make fully customizable and expert videos on your iPhone or iPad. Visualize how a PC editor performs, enhanced for your phone. Just click to crop clips, increase slow-motion effects, adjust transitions, and to produce beautiful videos that you want to share. Editing as a professional has not ever been easier.

4. iMovie

When many people think about editing movies, especially on their cell phones and particularly editing movies professionally, they laugh at the mention of iMovie. Yes, iMovie isn’t usually most powerful, best, and most customizable Mac editing program. However, it is perfect for iPhone or iPad! It is standard for every new iPhone and permits you to choose videos right from the camera and start editing.

For influential social network users, iMovie lets you add editable videos directly with voice-overs. When you are ready to move on to the next level, simply move the file to the Mac and improve it. Like the normal iMovie app on Mac, you can use the simple scroll bar to import, edit, add filters, share videos, rearrange clips, and add overlay text.

5. Video Shop

If you have an older iPhone and are looking for iMovie features for free, then the video store is a great alternative. This powerful application is no longer a compromise once you become familiar with the intuitive user interface.

As with iMovie, you can capture video clips from the video store application or simply get them from the camera. After importing your favourite files into the application, you can split them into multiple clips, combine different clips into one video, add comments and text, and many other functions!

In conclusion, video editing apps for iPhone are easy to use. They are also very reliable and produce a high-quality final product.

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