Top 5 Games for A Student to Play to Improve Their Studying Process

Michael Gorman
May 6, 2020

The current world pandemic changed our lifestyles completely. To stop the rapid spread of the virus, people all over the world are forced to stay inside and limit their social contact. This led to a temporary closure of stores, restaurants, and bars. 

Staying inside for long periods can have negative effects on people’s wellbeing and state of mind. Even though some people are more introverted and enjoy more staying cozy in their homes, others can have feelings of anxiety and depression. 

There are video games you can play during quarantine and keep you busy and engaged. However, students need to make time for learning, even though it is at their own pace because school activity is shifting online. 

But some students may feel that their learning process is different. Some are used to peer learning and coaching or group discussions where sharing of novel ideas is encouraged. Even though this pandemic urges us to keep the physical distance, some of these activities can be shifted online. 

Video games are known to improve visual processing and sustained attention. Educational video games are available for students worldwide and aim to do more than this. They help students improve their studying process, develop and improve their abilities and skills, and enhance learning funnily. Here are the top five games to play to improve your learning and studying process. 

Big Brain Academy

According to a paper service, Big Brain Academy is one of the best games for students and not only. It acts as a modern stress-reliever and it is also a fun activity.

The game is made of different kinds of activities that challenge your thinking skills. It offers a wide range of deep problems on topics such as math, logic, or memory. The challenges are time-paced and step by step you improve your brainpower. 

Improving skills such as memory or logic is important for students, as they will face complex assignments and tasks during their studies and learning period. 


Scribblenauts is available on all platforms, starting from Nintendo, to Windows, iOS, or Android, so students can choose any device they prefer. The goal of this game is to help the protagonist collect stars and solve puzzles. 

But, according to assignment help, this game is different from others. It uniquely develops your critical thinking skills. It has 220 challenges and levels, so it will keep students engaged for a long time. You need to help the protagonist overcome obstacles and face challenges by writing the solution to the puzzle or activity.

If it’s correct, it will appear on the screen. And this is only one part of the game; it has many more surprises to be discovered. 

Scribblenauts is perfect for students that want to develop their critical thinking skills and reasoning, skills essential for learning, and studying. 


The best essay help says that 2048 is among the most popular mobile games on developing math and logic skills. It has a simple story and mission: making a tile with 2048. The trick is that when two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one. It goes on like this until you make the tile with 2048. 

Even though it seems simple, it is quite challenging and it puts to test your math and logic skills. The more you play it, the more you develop your skills which are essential for improving your studying process. 


Lumosity is a nice game developed especially for brain training and mental fitness. It has games and activities on different domains such as memory, attention, or language. There are also tests and you have access to your progress at every moment to keep you motivated. 

This game offers three free games per day that increase their difficulty depending on your progress. If played consistently, Lumosity helps you improve your attention, memory, logic, flexibility, and problem-solving skills. Its games are backed up by science, so they will help you improve your studying process. 


Peak is similar to Lumosity and they say it’s the number one game that challenges your brain. It is developed by neuroscientists that have designed special challenges for your mind. Students need to develop their cognitive abilities to successfully face complex tasks and assignments, and Peak offers everything a student may need. 

There are fun games that help you improve your math, focus, logic, and spatial reasoning skills, by keeping your brain engaged. The best thing about Peak is that you can compete with your colleagues and friends and make it even funnier and more challenging. 

Just like Lumosity, Peak is also based on the science of the brain. The psychologists and game designers that have developed this game based their decision on the science of neuroplasticity.

People can use more than 10% of their brains (contrary to the popular myth) and they can constantly train it by exposing it to diverse and complex challenges. Students need to develop their brain plasticity and improve their reaction speed, flexibility, and reasoning skills, which are essential for their studying and learning process. 


More and more studies certify the benefits games can have on people’s brains. Science tells us that we can train our brain to be more flexible and improve our cognitive skills by playing a few games.

Students need to develop their critical thinking, reasoning, memory, attention, and logical skills to be able to face and overcome complex tasks and assignments. These games can turn out to be funnier than you think and can make the learning process more bearable and entertaining. 

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