Tips to make your iPhone More Useful

Amy Bella
March 9, 2020

For anyone, who just purchased a brand new iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone 8, or any other older version of the phone, do yourself a favour, and try to memorize these handy tricks and trips that will help you make your phone a lot more productive. As long as your Apple iPhone is up-to-date, these tricks would be useful for you.  

Tips to make your iPhone more productive

1 – Move several apps all at once

Do you wish to organize different apps present on your home screen? If you ever tried doing this, you must have realized that moving around icons one by one is an archaic way of handling the icons. With the latest update, you can move more than one icon at once. For this, you need to enter the jiggle mode of iOS by holding the icon. Next, you’ll have to move the icon. Once done, the X on the top-left corner of the icon would vanish. You can also tap other icons by adding the same to your selection before shifting this new bundle to a fresh place.

2 – Make your screen dimmer

Mia, who offers do my programming homework services, online says that she used to keep the iPhone to the lowest plausible brightness, and despite that, it felt a little bright for her eyes. For people like Mia, this trick would come handy. It will help you dim your screen below its normal limit.

For this, you need to go to the Settings menu of your iPhone, click on the Accessibility option, then select the Zoom menu and choose the Zoom Filter. From there, you have to pick the Low light option. With the press of the power button, you can easily shift from the dimmed to normal appearance or vice versa.

You can also add the accessibility button to your phone’s shortcut. For this, you will have to go to the settings menu, click on accessibility, and then select the accessibility shortcut.  

3 – Include Animoji or Memoji reactions in the messages

Ever since the release of the iOS 10 update, you are now able to hold a chat bubble of your messages. It allows you to send a tap back reaction. After the iOS 12 update, you can now spice up the conversation by building your own Animoji or Memoji as a reaction. For this, you need to select a Memoji or the Animoji in your messages and make a facial expression as you like. Next, you have to drop the character and bring it to the message icon.

It is pretty similar to holding a sticker in the Messages and peeling it. As in the process, you can strike a pose before you drop your Memoji or Animoji on the bubble, it is easy for you to personalize your reaction depending upon your conversation’s context. 

4 – Swipe and delete in the calculator

Sarah, who offers python homework help services, says that the most frustrating feature of Apple used to be its calculator. It is because whenever you typed one wrong key in the calculator, your entire calculation would go for a toss. But such is not the case anymore. Now, with the newest update of the iPhone, you can delete the last typed digit on your calculator with ease. For this, you have to swipe from left to right in the results section. This function can be performed, as many times as you want, to undo as many steps as you like.  


5 – Getting custom text alerts

Lily, who offers the best essay writing service online, says that her favorite new update on the iPhone is the ability to create custom tones for texts and ring alerts for the people who are in your contact list. This makes it easier for you to know without checking who’s calling or texting you. Instead of tones and alerts, you can also put custom vibrations. It works in the same manner as tones. This is an incredible feature and saves a lot of time checking the phone every time.

6 – Turn your phone in a loupe

or people who have eyesight issues and are unable to read a small typed text, such as product description on a bottle or the prescriptions, the Magnifier option is for you. Now, is it the same as the Zoom option of the Camera app? Well, not at all. Angelina, who offers the best affiliate marketing course, says that the magnifier helps you take a closer look at the things, and read the content that’s too small to be seen with the naked eye.

So, these are the top six tips that you need to know to help you make your iPhone much more useful than ever before. If you have any more tips to add to the list, do let us know in the comment section below.

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