Tips to Develop an Efficient Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategy

Kavita Paliwal
March 22, 2020

Healthcare organizations are turning towards technology in order to make the overall experience likable by the patients. This includes working towards creating new techniques to combat diseases and the development of facilities that cater to the well-being and necessity of a wide range of patients.

Healthcare organizations depend upon people wanting to get cured for their diseases. As the number of healthcare organizations is increasing, you need to reach as many people as possible to stay on top of their minds when they seek medical help. This can be possible only if you improve your marketing techniques.

Almost everyone is exposed to digital media nowadays. Therefore, you cannot count on the old-fashioned advert in the newspaper to garner customers. If you want to become the first choice for people seeking medical assistance, you will have to create a digital marketing strategy for your organization.

To help you in creating a top-notch digital marketing facility, we have curated a list of the most effective tips:

Create an Easy-to-Navigate Website

A website is the first component in creating a digital footprint. Your website is the first thing someone looking for details about your organizations would see and you have to create a lasting expression on people’s minds.

Make sure that your website is patient-friendly. Quite a lot of people would visit your website to look for queries about something that is troubling them or their loved ones. Make sure that you include tons of information on the various common diseases and the treatments your organization offers for them. This creates a positive experience for the patient.

You should include a contact number on the website so that they can personally contact someone at your organization if they have further queries regarding something. Include options for people visiting your website to schedule appointments with experts. For existing patients, you can create a database where they put in some details and can access their treatment schedule and history.

Another important thing while creating a website is to make it mobile-friendly. More than 50% of all internet traffic was from mobiles in 2018. Popular search engines like Google have established an algorithm where websites that are mobile-friendly are displayed first. Therefore, if your website doesn’t fit the criteria, you will be at risk of losing a lot of potential patients.

Send Resourceful Emails

Many people look up information regarding symptoms and diseases online. While doing so, they might stumble onto your website. Though it is important to have a functioning website, that alone won’t be sufficient to gain people’s attention.

Imagine the positive response you’d get from patients if the information was delivered into their inboxes before they could go looking for it. Setting up a routine newsletter will help your patients gain knowledge about various medical topics and set a special place in their hearts for your organization.

You can set up various types of newsletters- ranging from one that provides general information to one that provides information on a particular set of diseases. You can personalize the emails based on the patients’ areas of interest. Make sure to dedicate sufficient time for these newsletters so that the patients receive them on schedule.

Create video content

Videos are the best way to engage with your patients. People love to watch interesting videos. In fact, marketers who leverage videos grow revenue 49% faster than the non-video users.

Try to create high-quality video content that catches the attention of people. You can create videos on several topics- information regarding various diseases, facilities offered at your organization and much more. The more videos you’ll make, the more people will be engaged with your organization.

However, in the rush to create more videos, don’t forget that it’s the content of the video that matters more. Never sacrifice on the content of your videos or they will be as good as not having any videos, if not worse.

You can upload the videos on your website, create accounts on social media platforms, or send the videos as part of your email newsletters.

Don’t forget SEO Attributes

Simply creating a good website and content won’t guarantee that people will notice them. In order for your content to be displayed as the top results of an online search, you will have to create content based on specific keywords that are most frequently used by your patients during searches. You can take the help of the search engine optimization (SEO) process to create content based on keywords.

By doing so, you will be able to increase the traffic on your website and more people will come across your other digital media content.

While it’s important to include important keywords to draw in patients to your content, remember that it’s the quality of the content that will urge them to stay. Organizations like PharmEasy are very actively executing effective SEO techniques and dominating almost most of the search queries a patient may use to look for medical help.

Follow these tips carefully to create a strong digital marketing strategy for your organization and stay on top of the healthcare industry.

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