The Best Videos to Watch for Learning Online Marketing

Victoria Quain
January 23, 2020

Online marketing is a cornerstone of most of today’s businesses. Even if you own a brick and mortar business, attracting new customers online is a great way to grow your business. But not every business owner has the money for a marketing expert so learning how to market your business online is a great place to begin. It may sound daunting but there are plenty of marketing experts online offering their advice for absolutely nothing or at the most alike, subscribe and share of their video and YouTube channels. There are also a plethora of online marketing courses that are free and paid, but let’s take a look at some of the best videos for any online marketing beginner. 

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Don’t Underestimate the Power of YouTube 

YouTube isn’t just a place for watching cat videos, in fact, it’s one of the largest video learning platforms in the world. Not only can you learn pretty much anything on YouTube, but experts also use YouTube as a platform to share their expertise. If you search “learn online marketing” into YouTube you’ll find hundreds if not thousands of results, all with their own lessons and advice, to help you skip hours of trawling through videos, check out our list to get you on your way. 

Gary Vaynerchuk

You may have heard of Gary Vaynerchuk, or as he’s better known by his YouTube channel name, Gary Vee. Gary is the CEO, founder of Vaynermedia, a digital agency with Fortune 500 clients from around the world. Gary’s channel is also known for his flair of public speaking and motivational talks. His YouTube channel has over 2.5m subscribers, where he not only publishes inspirational videos sharing stories about his life but also consists of educational videos, teaching viewers the ins and outs of marketing using the wealth of his knowledge. If there’s a subject he doesn’t cover but you’re dying to learn about, Gary regularly asks his viewers for content suggestions. Hopefully, we can see why Gary Vaynerchuk is high up on our list of online marketing videos to watch, we promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Neil Patel 

This list would not be complete without Neil Patel. Neil is a New York Times best selling author and as he self-describes, “Your source for all things marketing” and his 518k subscribers agree. His channel has over 500 videos all dedicated to marketing, so you can be sure if there’s a topic you want to learn about, he’s made a video on it. He publishes new content every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday so you’ll get plenty of weekly content to get stuck into. 

Jay Baer

Entrepreneur and New York Times best-selling author, Jay Baer is the founder of Convince and Convert, a strategy consulting firm helping companies gain more customers using pioneering social media and technological advances. Baer has worked with Nike, Caterpillar and multiple Fortune 500 companies since 1994 and from 2008 has used his YouTube channel to share his expertise in digital marketing. You can find Jay Baer at his channel, “Jay Bear”. 


With 84k subscribers and a catalogue of 1,225 videos, HubSpot is fast becoming the channel for learning marketing and sales skills. HubSpot offers tips and advice on how to utilise marketing to maximise growth and success. If you’re also interested in how you can incorporate artificial intelligence into your strategy, here is the place to start. 


You may already have heard of SEMrush if you use any of their services. Known for their expertise in social media, SEO and PPC, SEMrush offer their tips and advice in the relevant areas, their videos also include webinars with industry experts and tutorials. Their channel is steadily growing with a current subscriber base of 40.8k subscribers and over a 1000 videos. 

Digital Marketing Institute 

The Digital Marketing Institute is the global certification standard in marketing education with branches all over the world. Their work is aimed at people pursuing a career in digital marketing by giving them support and access to the relevant qualifications. They now offer online educational videos via their YouTube channel including talks from industry specialists. 

There is a whole world of YouTube channels out there for any budding digital marketer or a business owner who wants to up their online marketing game. These channels are a great place to start and offer something for those of all levels, and combined we are sure you can cover all bases. 


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