The Best Tips on How to Use Slack Effectively for Business Purposes

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November 24, 2019

Slack is a team communication platform with the main goal of saving companies time and making information exchange easier.  

There are many ways to use Slack other than chatting with co-workers. Slack is a powerful tool for project management, team management, and company-wide collaboration.

You can also use it as a to-do list, to brainstorm ideas, assign and track projects, and integrate it with other platforms you use.

Keep reading to learn how to use Slack effectively in your business and become more productive in completing your tasks.

1. Fast, Easy, and Effective Communication

The main purpose of Slack is fast, easy, and effective communication. However, what sets Slack apart from similar apps is in its added features. Aside from group chats and direct messages, you can also share files, create to-do lists, remind people of tasks, and even make conference calls. 

2. Integration with Other Apps

One of the best Slack features is its ability to integrate with tons of other apps and software that you already use. If your company has an established app stack, you can easily connect each tool with Slack and use it seamlessly.

Some of the most common integrations include:

  • G Suite and Gmail
  • Asana
  • Trello
  • Zoom
  • MailChimp
  • IntercomSalesforce
  • Google Analytics
  • Typeform
  • HubSpot

This way, Slack turns into a powerful tool for managing all business operations from one single app.

3. (Almost) Unlimited Storage

The basic version of the app is free to use but comes with (somewhat) limited storage. You have 10,000 messages before you reach a limit, and you’ll be prompted to upgrade to Slack Pro plans.

However, you can still use Slack even if you go over the limit, but you won’t be able to read older messages. If keeping every single file and exchange is important to you, the upgraded versions will also give you additional features.

4. Reminders and Mentions

Slack can do a lot of basic functions, but to take full advantage of its features, you should learn a few basic Slack tricks. One example is the mention function (@name) that you can use to address specific members of the team or group chat.

The reminder function is another great trick that you can use to remind people of tasks, deadlines, conversations, and more. Simply type the “/remind” command in the bar and add the person’s name. You can also choose a date and add multiple reminders in a series.

5. Built-In Poll Function

One of the best features of the app is Slack polling. If you need people’s opinion on something, you can simply create a poll and have them vote. This way, you’ll know right away instead of going back and forth via emails with everyone or direct messages.

To create a poll, type the command “/poll”, add a title, and wait for the results. This is a great way to include everyone in the decision-making process and build teamwork.

Now You Know How to Use Slack Effectively for Business

Now that you know how to use Slack effectively for team communication and business tasks, it’s time to try it out. Open an account, add your team, and start collaborating on projects and ideas today!

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