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March 19, 2020

With the majority of us now working remotely we’ve rounded up some tech to make the home office more bearable. Whether it’s creating the optimal desk set up to help with productivity or suggestions of things to do during regular breaks to help keep you energised and focussed, these tools should be considered.

Twelve South Curve

Price: £54.99

Available from:

Many people suffer from neck pain caused by poor posture and too many hours spent looking down at a screen. Having a good laptop stand like the Twelve South Curve will make working instantly more comfortable and healthier. Stylish with an improved ergonomic design, the Curve means users no longer have to hunch over and tilt their heads downwards towards a screen. They can elevate their MacBook to a more comfortable height, relieving neck and shoulder strain in the process. Whether you want to use your MacBook as a second screen or add a keyboard and mouse and use if more like a desktop, the Curve is the perfect option.

Groov-e Apollo

Price: £29.99

Available from:

Having the right lighting when working can make all the difference. Not only can it reduce eye strain but it can boost productivity levels and invigorate you. The Groov-e Apollo is a stylish desk lamp packed with all the latest features to make work life easier. Not only is it a flexible lamp with three LED light modes, it also features wireless charging which means no more hunting around for chargers as users can simply place their mobile device on the base to charge instantly. What’s more users can connect to the Apollo via Bluetooth to hear their favourite tunes around the room using its 3W speaker. USB powered, users can take the Apollo and plug in wherever they are working.

Groov-e Zen

Price: £54.99

Available from:

The Groov-e Zen Active Noise Cancelling headphones are perfect for those working from home and wanting to block out some of the ambient sound in order to concentrate. Whether it’s a partner working in the same space or kids playing in the next room, the Zen headphones will make it easier to work. With over 10-hours of wireless playback, the Zen headphones are ideal for taking calls or listening to music when connected to a Bluetooth device.

Twelve South HiRise Wireless

Price: £79.99

Available from:

If you’re looking for a desktop charger to stay fully powered while working in the home office then the Twelve South HiRise Wireless is a perfect choice. Not only is it an upright desktop stand for mobile phones, keeping your device charged while holding it in position for Skype and FaceTime calls, messages and calendar alerts, it’s also a wireless charging pad for AirPods and a USB-C portable wireless charger for travel. All this in one stylish chrome and leather package.


Price: From free

Available from:

Evernote allows you to work from home easily offering users a number of packages to either work solo or collaborate with teams. Evernote lets users save notes, ideas, lists and reminders which can be accessed via app when needed. Evernote Business offers Spaces which allows for teams to manage projects, deadline, clients and meetings with ease.


Price: £129.99

Available from:, Harrods and Smartech Selfridges

It’s not all about work when working from home, it’s also important to focus on mind and body health and take breaks throughout the day. Studies show that physical activity not only improves your physical health but your mental health and productivity as well. You could get outside and go for a walk or run, do a free online exercise or even use a device such as the Activ5 which can be used for five minutes in the morning, afternoon and evening for an effective workout.

Dubbed ‘a tiny gym in your pocket’ Activ5 is a portable fitness device that enables anyone with a smartphone to exercise anywhere, anytime.  Activ5 helps to:

  • Tone and strengthen muscles with results showing that users can increase strength by 30% in just 6 weeks.
  • Personalise 100+ exercises to your fitness level, track progress and exercise while playing games.
  • Do full-body isometric exercises and workouts – 5 minutes of isometric exercise can be the equivalent of 25-minutes of gym machine exercises.
  • Track results on the companion Activ5 app, available on iOS and Android.


Price: £145

Available from:

There’s plenty of research that says we work better by taking short breaks in between bursts of activity. Rather than just grabbing a cup of tea and watching YouTube for 10 minutes why not play a musical instrument – it’s the perfect way to unwind.  Senstroke is the first connected solution that allows you to play the drums anywhere. Perfect for seasoned drummers or even those who’ve never played before, simply attach the Senstroke Bluetooth sensors to the included drumsticks and begin playing on any surface – a desk, cushion or even on your knees.

The Senstroke app features a new learning mode that is perfect for beginners allowing them to have in-app lessons as they play with a drum track that scrolls across the screen to aid learning. Quick and easy to use, drummers can choose between a pre-configured drum layout to get going straight away or customise it to suit their needs.

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