Spice Up Your Instagram With 9 Fiery Apps

Beatrix Potter
March 5, 2020

Getting an Instagram aesthetic that is unique to you is important to establish your account in the Insta world. Images and videos that are raw and unedited are rarely good enough quality to gain any sort of attention or engagement when posted. Media can be made not only more aesthetically pleasing but also more interesting and popular when edited and curated correctly. Instagrammers don’t have to be a Photoshop Wizz or video editing genius to achieve this as with the right apps, anyone can achieve the Instagram beautiful and professional-looking images and videos for their account.

Instagram apps can be used to up your Insta game in a few different ways. Naturally, image editing apps will help users create their ideal aesthetic and edit photos in a way that represents their brand. Video editors let users show off their creativity or relay information concisely without having a film production degree. More surprisingly, there are also a number of Engagement apps to help users interested in growing their follower numbers and increase engagement.


This easy to use an app is the current go-to software for image-editing. With a range of different functions, there are a wide range of possibilities for editing photos with excellent results and high ratings. Experienced image editors have a variety of tools at their fingertips that gives them total control when manipulating images but it’s also good for amateur image editors with it’s in-built, image editing pre-sets that sort out the contrast, white balance, sharpness, blur, red-eye and more of the image on behalf of the user. Once photos have been edited with Snapseed they can be saved, exported and shared for use on social media platforms. The best thing about SnapSeed is that it’s free to use, even when implementing one of the professional-grade pre-sets that take users’ images to the next level. Although SnapSeed is relatively user-friendly, it may take a bit of time to learn the software before users can edit images fluently. Nevertheless, users will be getting photoshop quality photos for a fraction of the effort.


VSCO has many of the editing tools of SnapSeed but is an overall much simpler app to use. With a variety of filters and light manipulation techniques, users can get professional image-editing results. VSCO is different in that it acts as it’s own platform. Users can create their own account and share photos with friends through the app and even contribute to forum boards where users can discuss tips for image editing that they’ve picked up. When users open the app, they find themselves in their ‘studio’ where they can take a photo or upload a previous one. Once edited with the many filters or manipulations, photos can be left on the app, shared to social media, saved or uploaded to Instagram.


As the name suggests, this is a video editing app that is built around time-efficiency for video editing. Users can choose their favourite images or video clips and upload them to Quik, accompanied by music. With a range of curated themes, Quik can automatically collage your media into a video with smooth transitions and emphasised moments that are all in sync with the beat of the music. If they prefer, users can edit their video manually. Images can easily be reordered and there are a range of transitions, texts, music, fonts and filters to choose from. Once the ideal high-definition video has been quickly created, users can share easily to social media.


Canva is the app to turn to for simplified graphic design. A huge range of media can be created from scratch including marketing materials, invites, posters and social media posts. There are a number of pre-designed bases for users to choose from which they can customise with images, text, trademarks and decorations. The biggest selling point of Canva is it’s simplicity and usability without forfeiting clean-cut results. Users can get professional looking media without the daunting process of facing complicated photoshop or graphic design. “Social Media managers for companies are often using Canva to put out announcements in a professional and attractive way,” says Brianna Jones, a marketer at Essay Editing and Assignment Help Service.

The app is still growing, and new features and design opportunities are being added all the time and a future that promises many more to come.

Sprout Social

This is essentially a social media management app. It is designed for businesses who have taken on the role of social media management and marketing. Sprout Social allows users to queue up posts in advance to hit those optimal times in the algorithm that will allow businesses to hit their target market and get the engagement they’re looking for. A calendar can be created in advance, so posts go out on time and automatically without the monitoring of a staff member. Sprout also offers Instagram analytics so users can keep on top of their most successful posts and the interaction they receive, allowing them to create more targeted content in the future. The app is definitely an asset to businesses but comes with a price tag. A standard subscription in $99 per month while a professional subscription reaches $149 per month. Both come with a 30-day free trial so businesses can have a go and see if Sprout Social works for them.


A useful app for creating collages and mixed layouts for Instagram posts. This app is ideal for users interested in creating unique layouts with up to 9 images that can be customised into different shapes or edited with a range of filters. The idea of Layout is to give users the opportunity to let their personal brand shine through their layouts and collages. Users have complete control when working with Layout and every editing option is designed to help create layers of individuality in users’ Instagram posts. Collages can be saved, exported and shared to social media.

Crop Square Video Editor

This app is the first port of call for basic video editing techniques to make videos optimised for users’ Instagram feeds. It’s fabulously easy to crop videos and adjust the video position so it is framed perfectly. Users can also resize and rotate videos with ease as well as introduce background colours and music. Videos and images can be imported from the camera roll and once edited, can be saved back to the camera roll and shared to Instagram.


Splice is an essential app for high quality and professional video editing techniques that are made simple and quick to use. Firstly, the app is completely free to download and use which is unusual for good video editing software. Videos that are saved on the mobile device can be imported into the Splice app where they can be edited and customised in a variety of cool and easily done ways. Videos can be cropped and trimmed to remove any unwanted footage either form the beginning, middle or end. Users can attach sound effects to the video whether that’s personal recordings, sound effects or using the music from Splice’s extensive library. Additionally, clip transitions, text options and filter effects can be applied to create a smooth and beautiful looking video. Splice is ideal for social media users from personal accounts to popular influencers and videos created with splice are easily uploaded to Instagram.


Tangent is an image editing app with a difference. It has the features available to transform normal pictures into interesting, geometric works of art. It offers a range of colourful geometric effects to add to pictures in a range of shapes, colours and textures. If users of Instagram want to be noticed and start increasing their followers, it’s apps like Tangent that offer something a bit different that can help take their posts to the next level.

Tangent is a fascinating app to use that can really help an Instagram user to express their creativity to stand out and make an impression,” says Amina Kellys, business blogger at Essay Writing Service and UK Writings.


This video editing app comes from Microsoft and can be used not only to edit but shoot videos to create stunning time-lapses. It comes with image stabilisation that helps users to take steady videos for a beautiful and stable hyper-lapse result. The speed of the final video is up to the user who can choose from real-time to 12x speed. The app is simple to use with very clear, minimal instructions and few buttons. It is the ultimate app for hyper-lapse videos with simplicity and usability that means it is available for everyone. Users should be clear that the Hyperlapse app does what it says on the tin and does it well but if you are looking for any other sort of video editing options, users will have to go elsewhere.


Whatever your Instagram goals are, posting beautifully edited and attractive pictures will help increase engagement and likes while account holders can build up their reputations and develop a brand that is unique to them!

Beatrix Potter is a marketing strategist working with Dissertation writing service and Book Report Writing. She works with marketing teams to develop marketing proposals and create brand representative websites. Her work can be viewed at Cheap college papers.

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