Securing the Staffing Job for a Big Event

Filip Kovacevic
February 23, 2020

When a company decides to spend money on a big event, they need everything to go according to plan.

A key part of an event going smoothly is its staff. Organizations know how crucial hiring good staff can be, and so they’re likely to be pickier than they might be for a smaller trade show or product launch.

Here’s how you can set yourself apart from the competition and be selected for the staffing job for a big event.

Spice Up Your Resume

If you’re reading this article, you probably have a good resume ready to go. However, simply having a good generalized resume may not be enough to land you the staffing job you’re looking for.

As a piece of general advice, it’s good to have different resumes and CVs for different purposes. Often, your resume and perhaps a cover letter are the only things a potential employer will base their initial selections on, so a resume that speaks directly to the job and event you want to get hired for is the way to go.

To land a staffing job, tailor your resume to fit the job at hand. Trim down some of the miscellaneous skills and work experience that may not be applicable (your time as a little league coach probably won’t come into play at this brand’s gala).

Similarly, make sure to really highlight the skills that pertain to the job at hand, and list similar event staff experience that you’ve gotten in the past.

In addition to having a dynamic and current headshot, you should also prepare a cover letter that summarizes the key parts of your experience. Don’t just reiterate what is on your resume or CV; the cover letter is there to highlight your personality and express why you specifically should be chosen for this job.

Don’t be afraid to express what you hope to get out of the experience, and add some creative flair to not sound like everybody else.

Get to Know the Company

When preparing a cover letter, it’s vital to look into both the specific event in question and to get to know the company or brand in a broader sense.

Knowing more about the people that want to hire, and the people you may be working with if you land the job, has many benefits. Not only can you determine whether the staffing position is right for you and if the type of event you’re looking at suits your skillset, but you can use that info to increase your chances of getting the gig.

Certain companies value creativity and out-of-the-box thinking (ever heard of Google?) while others want people who can do a straightforward task and do it really well. Some brand’s culture is more lax and friendly, while others value strict discipline and professionalism.

By knowing under which category your job falls, you can revise your resume and cover letter in terms of content and tone to match what the employer is looking for. In the case of in-person interviews, this principle can extend to dress code, demeanor, and how you pitch yourself.

Lastly, doing some background research can also help you narrow down job searches to companies that you would really want to work with, and concentrate your efforts on being hired for events that you will enjoy. Employers will be able to tell if you have an authentic interest in their event and will be much more likely to want you onboard if so.

Work With a Staffing Agency

Sometimes, simply finding staffing jobs can be as hard as applying and interviewing for them. Luckily, in the digital age, that process has gotten easier than ever. Beyond combing through local classifieds and job sites, there are additional resources at your disposal. One trend is large companies increasing their hiring through national staffing agencies.

Staffing agencies have many benefits for both ends of their clientele: the companies looking for qualified staff, and the qualified staff looking to get hired.

Businesses save time and money by relying on staffing agents to find ideal candidates for them from large databases. The one-stop-shop concept of going through a single agency takes much less effort than reaching out to individuals or posting job listings on many different sites.

For event staff, national agencies provide a way to be contracted out many times through one system, appearing on the list of people that companies can look through or receive custom recommendations from. The largest event staffing agencies also operate in many cities nationally, and so if you relocate or want to pick up work in a city you’re visiting, chances are you can get hired there too.

Make sure to treat your application to work with a staffing agency just like a job interview; only this time, you’re applying to thousands of potential future jobs in one go. Since these databases are large, it’s just as important to stand out from the crowd with a great resume and personality.

Take PUSH Models, a trade show staffing agency in North America, that has a database of over 90,000 qualified event staff, promo models, and brand ambassadors. With numbers like that, companies are sure to come calling, but you as an individual need to be ready to pick up.

In Conclusion

If you have the requisite skills and the personality to match, landing a big event staffing job is all about showing that to potential employers.

Make sure to always maintain several up-to-date and engaging resumes for different purposes, and invest time into crafting a good cover letter unique to each job you apply for. Employers throw out many applications just at the resume stage, so this step is crucial.

To make your application really pop, and to be well prepared for any interviews you land, make sure to learn some more about the company and event you’re looking at. Research the vibe of your potential employer and use this to inform your decisions in your cover letter and all your other interactions with them. Assess the type of event it is you’re applying for and identify which of your skills and experiences will be the most applicable, then highlight those.

Finally, diversify your job search by not always searching on the same sites but by working with a national staffing agency. Agencies can afford you flexibility in location, recurring gigs, and simply more job offers. Don’t forget to display what makes you unique, and happy job hunting!

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