How to Write Upside Down & Backwards on Instagram, WhatsApp & Facebook

Magie Markel
February 20, 2020

It is a human urge to try out new things and styles. Similarly, some of u might become fed up with the same font style or writing style for posts on Facebook and Instagram. Also, you may want to tease your friends or make some funny chats with them by using upside down or reversed text.

Using this form of text would surely make your posts more engaging and funnier. This would make your post stand out amongst various others because of its unique appearance. The sole purpose of posting on social media is to get the attention of multiple people who are on social media and connected with you through some social media platforms. Suppose people are browsing the news feed or story section of Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram with a unique appearance. This unique appearance is because of upsidedown or mirrored text.

People using social media would stop at look at your post, wondering what is up with this post? Once they stopped to observe the unique appearance of your status update or post, there are high chances that they would also respond to your post as well. So, certainly, it is a good way to engage more people.

So how to use this upsidedown of reversed text in your posts and messages for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram? We have a solution for you. In this article, we would take a deeper look at how using upside down, and backward text for Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook is possible. More details are given below:

Uses of Mirrored Text:

  • Mirrored text can be used to make children remember the spellings of complex or compound words. It would help them further in academics as the spellings would remain in their brains for a long time.
  • Ambulances need a way in emergency cases. If they don’t get enough way to go forward towards the hospital, it could be harmful to the patient in the ambulance, and in worst cases, the patient might die. This would happen because the ambulance wasn’t able to reach the hospital in time.
  • To address this issue, a number of ambulances have written ‘Ambulance’ in a mirrored way like this, ‘ecnalubmA, to notify the drivers who look backward through rear view mirrors. This would appear exactly justifies in the mirrors, and drivers would ultimately make way for the ambulance to go forward.
  • It is also used for printing patterns and text on T-shirts. The exact structures of words or text would appear mirrored or backward when printed on a T-shirt. Therefore, mirrored words are printed on T-shirts for designing.
  • It is also used to encrypt the confidential text to keep it safe from bots and malware.

How Mirrored and Upside-Down Text Would Help on Social Media?

Using mirrored and upside-down text on social media would help the user or organization in getting the attention and engaged audience on the post and direct messages. This is a unique thing to do, and viewers would definitely stop by and try to understand what you are trying to say in the post or message.

It could be beneficial for social media marketing agencies, as well. Suppose a digital and social media marketing agency are looking to promote certain product or service. They have devised a marketing strategy for the product or service. They want to do something unique to get the maximum attention from the users on the post.

In addition to listing highlights for promotion of products, the agency could also consider making posts on Instagram and Facebook and direct messages on WhatsApp in Upside-down and mirrored form of text to get the attention of the intended audience. People these days want something unique for the promotion of a product, and doing so could tick the box for uniqueness.

Otherwise, the social media posts and messages could go unnoticed, with a majority of people avoiding to read the usual posts. However, if they feel that a post is presenting something entertaining or unique, then they would surely notice it, and who knows? If some of them go on to purchase the advertised product or subscribe to the promoted service.

Hence, the unique structure and appearance of text for a post on social media could be a channel to a great business. This could be a win-win situation for everyone, the audience getting the desired uniqueness, marketing agency getting the attention and engagement, and eventually, the actual brand getting the clients for business! So now, you know the importance of upside down and mirrored text on social media for personal attention and business.

How to Get Mirrored and Upside-Down Text for Social Media:

There are multiple ways of converting the text in mirrored or upside-down written form. These ways also include using Microsoft‘s general products like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Paint. But using these applications or products for this purpose takes a considerable amount of time, which is sometimes not available, and users need an easy and quick solution.

The quick solution to this issue is using an online backwards text generator or upside-down text generator. These tools can quickly convert the given text in the desired form in just a fraction of seconds, which looks very efficient when compared to using Microsoft products for this purpose.

We recommend you to head on to the Prepostseo website to access these tools. This website boasts a vast collection of a variety of tools, which could be categorized as text processing tools, SEO tools, and other categories of efficient tools.

You can simply search for the tools on the Prepostseo website’s home page, and you will land quickly on the page of the desired tool. There you would type the actual text in the first box, and you would get the desired form of text in the box present below the first box. Use these tools to efficiently address all your needs regarding mirrored and upside-down text for social media posts and messages.


The mirrored and upside-down form of the text can be used for plenty of purposes. These forms of text could be used on social media to engage the audience and getting funny interactions. We have listed the uses of reversed and upside-down text and also describe the importance of using these types of text for posts on social media. In the end, we gave recommendations for easier ways to get this form of text quickly. We hope this information would be useful for you.

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