How to Make Mobile User Experiences More Immersive

Scott Turner
March 25, 2020

Studies show that experiences drive greater brand loyalty and customer retention (up to 25% greater loyalty and 200% greater NPS scores) than products. For mobile app developers and marketers, that means a delightful user experience might be the most important part of growing your business.

The good news is, new technologies now make it possible to do that in ways that we could only dream of previously. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and others are all helping brands connect the devices in our pockets (which receive an increasingly large share of our time) to the physical world around us, creating memorable experiences that keep smartphone users coming back.

Here are 5 immersive technologies commonly used to do so, plus 5 ways mobile marketers are using them to make their app users’ experience more immersive with them.

Infographic by CleverTap


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