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Lewis Morgan
March 12, 2020

Sports Betting is growing like never before and mobile apps play an important role. For some regions, like Sub-saharan Africa, the accessibility to mobile apps has made sports betting possible. For other regions, mobile betting apps are good to have, but many have yet to discover the major features within sports betting apps. 

With smartphones, international betting sites are easily accessible regardless of where you live. Punters in Nigeria, Australia and Europe can all place their bets on the same football game, using the same bookie. The accessibility to online bookies is achieved by smartphones but the use of sports betting apps is not only a matter of convenience. There are some major features within sports betting apps that can transit you from a beginner to expert better, in a few steps.

If you’re intrigued to learn more about mobile app advantages and how utilizing them can change your approach to sports betting, then keep on reading. After this article, you will navigate the bookies as a true expert taking advantage of all of the great features! 

Mobile Apps for Sports Betting

Mobile apps are typically created with a few key goals in mind. Developers make them in a way that they are very simple to use, and in a way that even the most beginner bettors will find it quite easy. Of course, this ‘ease of use’ focus goes hand in hand with the overall functionality of the mobile app.

There are a few overlapping features that make betting apps preferential to their desktop counterparts too. You can use features such as fingerprint login, therefore removing the need to store passwords. You will be able to find desired pages with just a few pushes of a button since apps are made with simplicity in mind. You may even find separate apps available for download depending on the product. For example, a bookie may choose to have an app that is specifically for sports betting, then a separate app for casino play, and a separate app for poker play, etc.

Quick in-play Bets 

If you are new to sports betting you may find the terminology a bit confusing but there are many good betting guides that describe the most important concepts. In-play is something you should be familiar with so let us give you a quick summary. When an event is live, odds will fluctuate constantly depending on what is happening in the game, which means that you can get odds on teams/players that you wouldn’t normally get. This is known as in-play betting, but of course, to make a bet during a game, you need access to the markets.

This is where mobile app betting comes into play. You no longer have to sit at home to make in-play bets, for you can access markets from your chosen mobile app these days. This way if a great football team goes a couple of goals down and you aren’t at home to make a bet, this will no longer be an issue.

On the go Live Streaming 

Live streaming has become an increasingly popular feature seen with mobile sports betting sites. It’s such a great service that many use their accounts for no other reason than to watch live sports games from all over the world. The fact that this service is totally free for the user is just the way that the industry is heading since sports bettors want to have as many features rolled up as possible. It’s no longer acceptable by users to place bets on an event and then be unable to watch it – hence the integration of live streaming services.

With mobile apps nowadays, you can watch a game while keeping one eye on how the odds are changing during an event, all on the same screen. There are many online bookies out there that offer this capability, so you won’t need to go searching through hundreds of Google pages to find a bookie that does. The best online bookies have live streaming services for the majority of their available sports too. 

Easy Account Funding 

Ever get frustrated by the processes required to make a deposit on desktop sites? Or do you just get overwhelmed with the necessities to withdraw your money? Mobile betting apps have made this a thing of the past, since you can easily store payment methods, approve transactions with a specific code, and even further protect your account thanks to factors like two-step authentication. 

The entire confusion that can sometimes be felt with financial transactions on gambling sites has been made significantly simpler with mobile apps.

Easier to Monitor Bets 

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you have made a bet, but then forgotten about what bets you have actually placed when tracking the games later on – you know what we are talking out. With mobile apps, providing that you always have your mobile device on you at all times, you will always have access to what bets you have made along with being able to monitor how they are doing.

There’s another reason that this is highly advantageous too since you will be able to check if you have any cash out offers for your bets. You can’t cash out a bet unless you have direct access to your account, so having a mobile app that you can always open provides the exact remedy for this.

Since September 2019 Apple has made it more difficult for operators of gambling apps and it’s not yet clear how the market will adapt to these changes but all of the advantages mentioned in this article are also relevant for regular mobile access to the operator’s websites. The gambling industry is among the best in the world when it comes to mobile technology and in terms of functionality, there is no real difference between an app and regular mobile browsing.

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