Audacious partners with Boots Hearingcare

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February 18, 2020

Specialised technology on sale to Hearingcare customers

Audacious, the MVNO for people with hearing loss, has partnered with Boots Hearingcare.

Hearingcare is the department of the beauty and pharmaceuticals retailer which deals with audio products and services.

As a result of the partnership, Audacious SIMs will be available to Hearingcare customers.

Additionally, Boots Hearingcare audiologists will receive training on the Audacious service.

Audacious, which launched in August last year, gives its users personalised hearing profiles based on an online test taken on its website.

The test then modifies frequencies that will be heard on that user’s Audacious SIM. At launch CEO Rob Shardlow laid down a five-year customer target of 600,000.

At this year’s Uswitch awards, it took home the Best Newcomer of the Year and was joint winner of the Telecom Innovation Award along with the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Speaking on the partnership, Shardlow said: We are proud to be the first mobile network to partner with Boots Hearingcare, to realise our shared mission to support people with hearing loss. Audacious is training all Boots Hearingcare audiologists on this medically certified, world-first technology to ensure they are skilled to empower people across the UK on this innovative route to having clearer conversations and staying connected.”

Boots Hearingcare director of professional standards Karen Shepherd added: “Holding conversation on the phone when you have a hearing loss and no visual cues to help piece together the conversation can take a lot of concentration and be physically draining, so people will often avoid taking calls. We are excited to be able to provide our customers with a solution to make that experience easier and more enjoyable.”

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