Top Apps to Help Students Get Through University

Thomas Wellburn
August 18, 2017

University season is fast approaching and nowadays, there are apps for almost everything.

With students and young people increasingly reliant on their devices, why not make use of it for educational purposes instead of mindless Candy Crush sessions? Here are our top university app picks to make life just that little bit easier (or more fun).


Going off to uni means that self-organisation is key. And a major field where you need organisation is in your notes. Whether they are from lectures, seminars or simply things you have to remember, what’s better than an app that makes note taking easy, portable, and syncable with other devices? Evernote allows you to do just that and more, like taking photos of textbook pages too!

Jobrapido app

Through your uni years, a smart way to earn a little extra cash on the side is finding a part-time job. Students can use the Jobrapido app if they feel the need to earn a little extra cash during their studies. The app makes it easy and quick, grouping all the online job offers together for you to choose filters (like hours, days, and pay) and make the best choice depending on your availability and experience.


Chances are that during your time at uni you’ll be documenting on your smartphone many of the days- and especially nights out. Once these photos have been taken, you’re going to want to edit them so they can show the best version of yourself and your friends. To do so, there’s no better app than VSCO, which thanks to its many filters and editing tools, will give your photos that extra special quality that makes them ready to be posted!

Google maps

Wherever you are, in this day and age you absolutely need to have a map app on your mobile. Not only will it save you lots of time during freshers’ week, but it will also give you the security of not getting lost in unfamiliar territory. Therefore, apps like Google Maps are ideal to help you both with your uni classes (you may have to navigate yourself around the city to find specific campus locations), but also definitely on the days you don’t spend in class.

Big Oven

Eating out can get expensive, and there will come a point where you will want to cook yourself a meal that does not come in a cardboard box or plastic bag. No worries, Big Oven will help you get the job done. The way it works is simple, and chances are you’ll be using it after uni as well. Just insert the ingredients you want to cook with, and the app will give you a recipe to follow; simple as that!

Now, it should be clear that this is just the tip of the iceberg, and if you want more apps to help with organisation, money, management, and food, the possibilities are endless. Try them all out to understand which one is the best fit for you, your schedule, your uni, and your mobile!

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