9 Tips for Identifying the Best Staffing Agency

Lena Carla
June 25, 2020

The success of any company is determined by the owner’s strength, notably the industry’s staffing strategy. At times, staffing can be a stressful process. That is when companies like the Staffing Agency Seattle comes in to take the staffing burden off your shoulder. However, you have to choose the best agency. But how can you determine the best company that will help you get the most productive staff? Here are some useful tips that will help you select the best staffing agency for your company.

The best agency will;

  • Save You Time While that hiring process is tiresome and time-consuming, hiring a reliable agency will enable you to staff your company the soonest as possible. Also, when you hire an agency, you will not need to spend your precious time interviewing and vetting candidates. Therefore, you can focus on your other businesses other than staffing task.
  • Improve the Quality of HireA reliable agency has a team of professionals who are versed with skills to determine the best candidate that best suits the requirements of your business. Besides some agencies, specialize in a specific industry. Therefore, they understand the skills set the best candidate should have.
  • Offer Additional Security to Your CompanyThe right staffing agency focuses on assessing and recruiting the best. Your company gets well-vetted individuals who you can rely on. Besides, the best company offers a guarantee period, usually three to six months. Therefore, you will not have to worry that your company may go short of staff.

In addition to that, a good company will offer you the staffing services at a favourable price.

Let us now discuss the tips to consider to choose the best staffing agency.

Define Your Companys Objectives and Needs

The very first thing you need to do is have a clear understanding of your business needs and objectives. Should you employ on a contract basis or permanently? If it is on a contract basis, should it be a short-term or long-term contract? What skills set should the potential employee have? How soon do you need the staffing done?

Having a clear definition of your companys needs will help you determine the type of agency you should hire. There are three types of staffing agencies;

  • Contingency Staffing Agency – Focuses on staffing specific industries
  • Temporary Staffing Agency – Concentrates on assessing and vetting contract or temporary workers.
  • Executive Search Firms – Specializes in administrative staff.

If, for example, you need to hire on a contract basis, you can choose to hire a temporary staffing agency. With clear objectives in mind, you will select a company specializing in recruiting individuals who can solve your companys needs.

Check the Agencys Reputation

After defining your companys objectives, the other thing to do is identifying and assessing potential agencies. It would be best if you chose a reputable agency, a company that is recognized with the quality of their services. You can learn the reputation of an agency by checking its background, reviews, and testimonials by previous clients. Although the past performance may not determine the future outcomes, selecting an agency with a winning reputation is recommendable.

Check the Agency’s Staff Experience

Experience is a vital consideration while hiring professionals. How long has the staffing agency been in the industry? Being in the industry for long enables the staffing company to understand all aspects of your company. They should follow the current staffing trend and changes that might occur in the future. Therefore, you will not need to educate the agency about your companys needs and objectives.

Agency’s Expertise

What category of staffing does the agency specialize in? Are they knowledgeable about your companys market place? The right agency should exhibit a high level of expertise in the market segment of your company. For example, if your business falls under the industrial marketplace, your agency should be knowledgeable about the industrial market segment, the challenges, and the kind of staff your company may need. Therefore, while staffing your business, they will find individuals with expertise in your business niche.

The Company’s Accessibility

Your agency should be readily available whenever you need them. Availability is crucial while assessing a potential staffing agency. They should have different mediums where you can reach them. In case of emergency, your company should be accessible and be ready to assist even after the standard operation time. Also, Face-to-face meeting helps to adequately judge the sincerity of the company you intend to hire.

The commitment of the Agency’s Employees

Staffing is an expensive process. You do not want to gamble your money, hiring a staffing agency that does not have your interest in mind. Therefore, you should hire a company that is committed to providing the best quality services. The right agency will show commitment in various ways, like collaborations with their clients, accessibility, among others. You can also check on testimonials and reviews to know how much the company was dedicated to providing services to previous clients.

Screening and Background Checks

An efficient staffing company should conduct thorough pre-employment screening and background checks on potential candidates. The screening and background checks help collect critical information such as candidates history, which may not be possible in an in-house interview. In addition to that, the screening will enable the agency to provide your company with well-vetted candidates that you can rely on. Well-vetted candidates bring a sense of additional security to your company. Therefore, you should ensure to check on the background checks and screening procedures that the agency follows before hire.

Poor Staffing Management

Although staffing agencies strive to provide best-vetted individuals, you may not get the exact talent your business needs. In such cases, the agency should refund or replace the candidate with another suitable remedy. Therefore, you should inquire about how they deal with unmatched or inadequate staffing before hiring a staffing agency.

Staffing Cost

The last and significant point to note is the staffing cost of the potential agency. The staffing fee varies depending on the positions you need to fill. Also, the charges vary with the agencies. You do not want to lose your money paying for services that do not meet your needs. Therefore, you should ensure that you conduct thorough research on the potential company before hiring. Be sure to pay what you get.


For your business to remain competitive in the market, you should hire the best suits in every position. To achieve this, we recommend getting professionals to help you in staffing your business. Consider following the discussed tips to hire the best staffing agency for your company. Staffing Agency Seattle has a pool of experts ready to help you.

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