5 Apps for Baby Development

Molly Crockett
March 26, 2020

Parenting has always been one of the most important and demanding jobs to take on. Naturally, parents want to make sure they are doing the best for their child which traditionally meant guessing their baby’s needs and physically monitoring their well-being and development. While modern day parenting has it’s fair share of struggles and hurdles, new parents have the option of utilising a variety of technology and applications to assist them and their baby with growth and development.

Cloud Baby Monitor

This app is designed for parents who want to keep a close eye on their child from a distance. It works by turning a smartphone or tablet into a baby monitoring device. The app must be downloaded on two devices: one that is kept with the parent and one that is left with the child. Through the video stream, parents can watch their child sleeping or spending time alone in their crib without having to be in the room. Since the software operates on WIFI, 3G or Bluetooth, the video stream has an unlimited range so parents can check up on their child from anywhere, even when their little one is spending the night with grandparents. Along with a video stream, the app offers some handy tools such as night vision and brightness control, so the baby’s sleep is not disturbed. Additionally, there is two-way sound so parents can hear their baby and also speak to the baby over the device.

Having video monitoring of babies is a great way to enjoy some quality alone time while being able to check up on your little one. As children get older, the communicative aspects of the app are great for getting children used to sleeping in their own room’ says Tilda Sheherat, tech blogger at Studydemic and Ukwritings.


For improving your baby’s development, this app is your go-to resource for ensuring all their first-year milestones are met. It contains 240 fun development activities accompanied by beautiful, relaxing music that you and your baby can discover together. The app has been carefully developed to focus on six main categories of baby development which include cognitive development, body awareness, sensory development, fine motor skills, gross motor skills and boosting memory. Having all activities easily accessible on your phone means that time can be spent productively at home whilst having fun and bonding. The app also has some fabulous extra features like baby massage instructions, helpful hints and tips and even parent and child yoga poses and videos.


Probably the most technically correct and scientifically backed development app for children, BabySparks relies on information and advice from development professionals to create 1300 activities to help children up to the age of 24 months reach their development milestones. A useful aspect of the app is the comprehensive development tracking and accessibility. The app creates a unique programme for the child based on age, milestones and reactions to previous tasks. With this information, BabySparks recommends 8-10 activities per day. As more tasks and milestones are reached, parents can track the child’s development through user-friendly graphs and statistics. A child’s program can be shared with 5 devices which means all caregivers will have access to their development and which daily tasks have been completed and which are still to do, easily spreading the tasks throughout the day and between different caregivers.


An essential tool for tracking your baby’s growth and development, Baby+ provides an easy and user-friendly method for keeping on top of the new developments in both of your lives. The app provides interactive graphs to help parents see growth in their child’s height, weight and head circumference. The tracking options are numerous to help parents get the fullest picture of how their baby is developing and include a diaper tracker, baby teeth tracker, feeding tracker, pumping tracker, sleeping tracker, health tracker and milestones log. Additionally, the app provides sentimental tracking of all the special moments you and your baby will experience. It comes with a baby diary and a place to record all your baby’s firsts as well as the option to consolidate all the updates, milestones and pictures into a Yearbook.

‘Being able to easily track and keep up to date on all the areas of a child’s development can give parents a solid understanding of their child’s current position and whether there are any areas to focus on as well as reliable data that can be shown to professionals in the case of any health or development concerns’ says Gary Golders, lifestyle blogger at Bestaustralianwriters and Revieweal.


Dubbed the baby brain training app, this software uses music to stimulate the baby’s brain and improve cognitive development. It is available for use from the 5th month of pregnancy until the child’s second birthday. The musical pieces are chosen to engage and stimulate areas of the brain to assist with development at such a critical time for learning. The app provides a variety of musical pieces and updates with new songs throughout the year.


Often parents report worrying about whether they are parenting correctly and doubt their child’s development. With the ingenuity of new baby development apps, parents can eliminate the stress with easy to follow programmes and trackers that boost baby development.


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