10 Tips to Manage Online Education in 2020

Brianna Abbott
July 9, 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak has altered the lifestyle globally. Stay home stay safe message is the advice that everyone is trying to follow. Out-break affected all fields of life where everyone is stuck at home and frustrated when it will end. Therefore, there are many things we can do better, even in such an unpredictable situation. Most importantly, kids are at risk as their routine is changed though the online teaching system is keeping them connected with the studies. But where learning is essential, staying active is as well vital. There are many ways you can keep your kids engaged while learning at home. As no one knows how long this situation will linger on, so keeping kids off school can be an unsettling proposition. Although we cannot neglect the time we have got to spend with our families, it is more than a blessing. Keeping kids up to date with school work and keeping their attention alive the whole day should be priorities, especially in the days of lockdown. Here in this article, you will find effective ways to keep kids active while learning. With the help of different activities, you can follow their minds busy in a fruitful way. 

Keep them engaged 

The best way to keep kids interactive during studies is to organize different activities. Do not just let them spend time at a desk on their homework, but by involving them in various activities, you can enhance their learning potential and make studies fun. Many TV channels have started different programs for kids. So you can ask them to watch those kids’ interactive TV shows. It will be fun for them to watch TV while taking lessons. 


Also, you can make a worksheet to ensure they are learning and able to memories their lessons. This way, you can get a break and can focus on other stuff. The critical note makes sure they do not tell your kids that it is school work because they might not take interest then. 

Arrange physical activities 

Due to COVID -19 or other reasons, Inactivity in kids considered an epidemic. During the lockdown, the children are bound to stay home that has affected their physical activity. Kids are open to new experiences, and they love trying new things. You can arrange dance activity at home or engage them with TV shows and ask them to follow the steps. Or maybe you can create space for exercise and try to engage them with you. They would love to support you. Stress and anxiety is the main problem of students after attending regular classes and all they are worried to know how to deal with these emotions

Watch Informative shows 

Also, several shows are packed with enjoyable activities designed for kids’ movement and physical activities. By making them involve in such TV shows, you can be sure they are active while learning in house space.

Feed them on time

Children are innocent, and they mostly don’t know how to express their feelings or what they want in the right way. So the only weapons they have is being grumpy or cry a lot. Kids become grumpy, mostly when they are hungry. Try to make sure they are full else you will end up making them study, and they won’t pay attention. 


Make them happy and satisfy with little treats like making food for them, or sometimes unexpected delivery of ice cream can make them listen to you. Also, you can involve them in cooking with you. It can be an active learning period for them. Bake cookies for them and meanwhile teach them different things or foreign languages. Also a fun exercise for their body and brain.

Make things short and straightforward

It might be tempting to put on a feature-length documentary on TV so your children can learn for a more extended period, but this could mean that they’re not absorbing the information most effectively. The effective way of learning is how explicit the content and method are, for example, if you believe that if you make them engage in long hours of activities or TV shows, this can lead them to disengagement.

Maintain Balance 

 There must be a delicate balance because too high or low won’t work for the students. The balance should offer a challenge and not make them tire early. Such service and short curriculum activities tend to be more productive also help your kid to learn critical points and remember.

Keep your interest alive 

From a day to a month, when you’re keeping children at home for any length of time, it can be not easy to plan activities, so they stay occupied for the whole period – especially if you’re working from home alongside them. It would be perfect for them to indulge in fun learning activities. 

Surf Informative websites 

Many informative websites offer activities designed by specialists so you can start using them for your kids. Now you don’t have to dust old books and worry about making events get material from online for a productive day. You can use the quiz section to increase their interest or play the game with them like a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt. Several games are designed for learning and fun together. Some online games come in built-in prizes so you can make them play and, at the same time, learn. All these options will make them come back for more and will keep their interest in studies alive.


Social distancing has made people stay home world-wide. In such circumstances, how to stay active and make kids productive to maintain physical and mental health is a rising question. Therefore, no one can neglect the importance of self-protection, so if you think wisely, then there are several ways as mentioned above for kids, and as well you can involve yourself in making both kids and you active during learning hours. Also, this will be a great family time, which we missed before the outbreak. Try different activities give time to kids, and take an interest in home how you can make things possible in limited space at home. Online classes, fun games in the yard, cooking, baking all are fun and healthy options for you and your family.

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