What Mobile Awards 2016 full results

Thomas Wellburn
October 28, 2016

It’s that time of year again! Tens of thousands voted online for the What Mobile Awards 2016, sorting through the tough competition in order to crown a well-deserved winner for each of our 27 categories (including 6 that are new for 2016). Here’s a run through of the results:

[highlight color=#666666 ]2nd: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge[/highlight] [highlight color=#cc6600 ]3rd: Sony Xperia Z5[/highlight]



[highlight color=#666666 ]2nd: Apple iPhone 6s[/highlight] [highlight color=#cc6600 ]3rd: Sony Xperia Z5[/highlight]


[highlight color=#666666 ]2nd: Samsung Galaxy S7[/highlight] [highlight color=#cc6600 ]3rd: Sony Xperia Z5[/highlight]


[highlight color=#666666 ]2nd: Vodafone Smart Platinum 7[/highlight] [highlight color=#cc6600 ]3rd: OnePlus X[/highlight]


[highlight color=#666666 ]2nd: Panasonic DMC CM1[/highlight] [highlight color=#cc6600 ]3rd: Cat S60[/highlight]


[highlight color=#666666 ]2nd: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2[/highlight] [highlight color=#cc6600 ]3rd: Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet[/highlight]


[highlight color=#666666 ]2nd: Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S[/highlight] [highlight color=#cc6600 ]3rd: Lenovo Think Pad X1 Yoga[/highlight]


[highlight color=#666666 ]2nd: Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3[/highlight] [highlight color=#cc6600 ]3rd: Acer Iconia One 7 Tablet[/highlight]


[highlight color=#666666 ]2nd: HTC UnderArmour Band[/highlight] [highlight color=#cc6600 ]3rd: Microsoft Band 2[/highlight]


[highlight color=#666666 ]2nd: Samsung Gear S2[/highlight] [highlight color=#cc6600 ]3rd: Motorola Moto 360 2nd Gen[/highlight]


[highlight color=#666666 ]2nd: Oculus Rift[/highlight] [highlight color=#cc6600 ]3rd: HTC Vive[/highlight]


[highlight color=#666666 ]2nd: Samsung Gear 360[/highlight] [highlight color=#cc6600 ]3rd: LG 360 Cam[/highlight]


[highlight color=#666666 ]2nd: Angry Birds 2[/highlight] [highlight color=#cc6600 ]3rd: Cut the Rope: Magic[/highlight]


[highlight color=#666666 ]2nd: Samsung[/highlight] [highlight color=#cc6600 ]3rd: Sony[/highlight]


[highlight color=#666666 ]2nd: O2[/highlight] [highlight color=#cc6600 ]3rd: Vodafone[/highlight]


[highlight color=#666666 ]2nd: Giff Gaff[/highlight] [highlight color=#cc6600 ]3rd: BT Mobile[/highlight]


[highlight color=#666666 ]2nd:[/highlight] [highlight color=#cc6600 ]3rd:[/highlight]


[highlight color=#666666 ]2nd: EE[/highlight] [highlight color=#cc6600 ]3rd: O2[/highlight]


[highlight color=#666666 ]2nd: Mobile Fun[/highlight] [highlight color=#cc6600 ]3rd: MobileMadhouse[/highlight]


[highlight color=#666666 ]2nd: Envirofone[/highlight] [highlight color=#cc6600 ]3rd: Mazuma[/highlight]


[highlight color=#666666 ]2nd: Insurance2go[/highlight] [highlight color=#cc6600 ]3rd: Gadget Cover[/highlight]



[highlight color=#666666 ]2nd: O2[/highlight] [highlight color=#cc6600 ]3rd: Carphone Warehouse[/highlight]



[highlight color=#666666 ]2nd: Phone Service Centre[/highlight] [highlight color=#cc6600 ]3rd: iFix[/highlight]



[highlight color=#666666 ]2nd: Griffin[/highlight] [highlight color=#cc6600 ]3rd: Otterbox[/highlight]



[highlight color=#666666 ]2nd: Hive[/highlight] [highlight color=#cc6600 ]3rd: Nest[/highlight]



The HTC 10 was an under-appreciated handset that didn’t sell very well… but it had all the features that you would expect from a solid flagship.

With HTC struggling badly in the smartphone market, they needed something special to help elevate them back into the game. The last few flagships had been pretty lackluster, missing the boat in a couple of key areas. The HTC 10 managed to rectify this by providing a solid package that competes well with other competition from Apple and Samsung. While there’s arguably better handsets out there, the HTC 10 represents a return to form for an under-fire manufacturer. With a solid camera, flagship hardware and great audio quality, it’s the dark horse of the premium tier.


It was always going to be a fight between Apple and Samsung but this year, it was the latter who won our Readers Choice award for the excellent Galaxy S7 edge.

A worthy winner, the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge wowed us with it’s beautiful panel and blazing performance. At release, it topped benchmark scores and was pretty much the fastest handset money could buy. Even today, it still holds up pretty strong. While the Note 7 fiasco may have taken some shine away from the Korean electronics giant, it’s hard to argue that their smartphones are still some of the best around. Taking a total of four awards this year, Samsung has done well for themselves despite the adversity.

Special thanks to all our entrants for the What Mobile Awards 2016 and congratulations to all the winners. We look forward to seeing you all again at the next awards!

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