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June 10, 2019

Navigation has, in recent times, revolutionized the way we drive. From directing us from one place to the other to suggesting alternative routes to divert traffic, navigation has become a go-to for everyone.

There are many navigation apps in the market, with new ones coming up every day. But there are two such apps that have proved to be better than any other. these apps are Google Maps and Waze. Additionally, there has been much debate regarding which of the two apps being the best navigation app. This is because both of these apps are quite consistent in giving more or less accurate directions.


Waze is a community-based map and navigation app. Owned by Google, this app enables drivers to share real-time data and information about traffic, speed limits, accidents and other similar information that could help them to navigate the fastest routes to their destination.


The main features of Waze are mentioned below:

  • Live reports of traffic
  • Voice navigation options (including your own as well as celebrity voices)
  • Different modes of navigation (bike mode, etc.)
  • Spotify integration
  • Access to parking spaces near your destination
  • Supports advertisements


Google Maps is a 360-degree navigation app. It provides detailed information about the different routes with the help of maps, satellite images, real-time traffic conditions as well as approximate time taken to get to your destination. In addition to that, it also shows nearby places of interest, phone numbers and other data.


Google Maps has the following features:

  • Different directions for different ways of travelling
  • Voice navigation
  • Offers Google Street Views
  • Directions are available even for offline mode
  • Offers Google assistant to help give you directions
  • Additional information on nearby businesses
  • Access to information regarding parking spaces near your destination
  • Real-time location sharing
  • Spotify integration


While both the apps are similar in functions, their methods of working and navigating are different. The major differences between Waze and Google Maps are mentioned below:

  • Waze is a community-based app, while Google Maps is a data-based navigation app.

  • While Waze only offers navigation routes for cars, Google Maps offers directions and navigation for different types of transportation like public transport, trains, cars as well as walking, biking, etc.

  • In order to work, Waze requires an active internet connection, while Google Maps can work even while you are offline. You simply have to download the directions and data via internet or Wi-Fi and turn the data connection off once downloading is completed.

  • Waze does not provide business data like working hours and phone numbers, unlike Google Maps.

  • According to our friends at python assignment help, Waze offers users a high level of customization, whereas Google Maps is quite basic.

  • Google Maps also tends to use a lot lesser amount of data when compared to Waze. This is because it can work even while you are not connected to the internet.

  • When it comes to comparing the interfaces of both the apps, Waze has a modern, minimalistic style with 3D graphics for directions. Google Maps, on the other hand, has a simple and old interface, similar to what it was towards the end of the 1990s.

While there are features that make each app better than the other, the actual answer as to which app is a better one is not quite simple. Experts at help with python homework state that Waze is excellent when it comes to finding alternate routes in case of accidents, traffic jams and other obstacles and also alerts the drivers about incidents in advance. It also gives alerts about police reporting and speeding limits which helps drivers to avoid getting in trouble. But, on the downside, it often gives directions and routes which go through residential neighbourhoods and can take a longer time to reach your destination.

Meanwhile, Google Maps helps to give you alternate routes to get to your destination in the calculated time regardless of traffic or accidents or other similar issues. It also provides alerts for the same. Although these alerts are not as detailed, they still tend to offer more alternative routes. Not only are these routes quite simple and clear, but they are also almost accurate even during the night.


In conclusion, as suggested expertly by users of both apps at essay writing help online, it becomes a little difficult to decide which app is the best navigation app. In case of driving only, Waze takes the winning trophy with its clear navigation maps, live reports of traffics and other incidents as well as notification of empty and available parking spaces.

But, when it comes to having features for an all-round navigation, it is Google Maps that wins the title. With most of the features that Waze has and the development of AR features, along with real-time information about nearby places and events, Google Maps has it all.

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