Top Apps To Make Yourself Productive At Work

Nathan John
November 16, 2019

People today are obsessed with productivity. People are always on the lookout and seek ways to get things done quickly and without making more effort. Also, if they are in a managerial position, people seek ways to improve their managerial skills and lead with more productivity. Also, they have to keep track of their time and keep their work organized and more manageable. To get this done, employees and managers use technology and use different apps that help them and the other elements who are part of the workforce stay effective. So without further delay, let’s get to know some of these apps and ways these can make you and people in your team more productive:


The app is one of the most used applications used by many renowned names in the industry. The app is mainly used by startups and tech giants as an incredible productivity enhancer. For beginners, the app helps by helping users to collaborate and communicate on different tasks and projects with ease. It is so easy for users who want to avoid long lists of messages and emails. Slack helps users by keeping their messages organized. This is for you to keep things searchable as well. There are different channels that you can create for different departments, clients, projects and teams as well.

Slack also helps you share documents, video chat and communicate using GIFs and other options you can find in the app. You can also make things more compact and efficient by adding other applications like Dropbox, SalesForce and many others. This way you can make your communication more streamlined and easy to track when needed. All you need to do is connect to an internet service like offered by Spectrum Triple Play and get your communication streamlined


The app is one of the ultimate tools that is helping more than 10 million users by getting them more control over their lives at work. To get started with the tool, you need to jot down everything that you need to get done with. The application interprets and divides the task into different categories based on your entries. For instance, if you want a task to get done, you can start off the first thing you need to complete and add a Hashtag to it. For example, “Take Jim to the doctor for the 10 pm #appointment”, ToDoist is going to schedule a reminder for you at the required time and will file the task in the “appointments” section. At work, you can use the tool to keep your team and tasks on track. You can also plan your projects and assign responsibilities to the required personnel. You can further carry out discussions on the projects and monitor the progress using the app.


CloudApp is a communication tool that can help you save more time. If you spend a lot of time communicating with employees, then CloudApp can help you save more than 56 hours per week. The app is created keeping in mind the fact that people process images at a 60,000x faster speed than information provided in plain text.

If you are communicating with a colleague, a client, a colleague or somebody in the top position you can use CloudApp’s screenshot, video recording, image annotation and other features as well.

Using these apps is not only going to help you keep things organized at work, but will also help your employees streamline their tasks. This will have a direct effect on the productivity of your workplace and the size of your profits. Also, you must make sure that the apps get aligned according to your business needs. To get this done, make sure that you do a bit of research too so that you don’t end up buying something that might not be helpful in the long-run.

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