Tired of Tinder? Hook up with these alternatives instead

Alex Yau
May 26, 2015

Most people nowadays meet through their phone screen rather than physically at social gatherings.

No app has capitalized on this fact as much as Tinder, which has become one of the most popular dating apps on the market. Tinder’s popularity has created an explosion of other dating apps hoping to gather the same momentum and success. Bored of swiping left or right on Tinder? Then check out some of these worthy alternatives.

Tinder alternative: Happn

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Ever sat on the Tube and felt a spark with someone sat opposite you, but regrettably failed to make a move? Happn gives you a second chance by connecting you with those you’ve cross paths with each day.

It works by tracking nearby people who also have the Happn app. Their profile shows up the moment you cross paths with them and you can find out when, where and how many times you were near each other.

You can ‘Like’ them and they’ll only find out if they like you back. Once you like each other, the option to send each other messages opens and it’s up to you to take it from there.

Tinder alternative: Hinge

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The number of fake profiles and spam bots is a major problem with many dating apps. Hinge sidesteps this by only showing you potential matches validated by your mutual friends. They’re selected based upon your social circles like Facebook, so you can 100 per cent guarantee that the person you’re chatting to is real.

Tinder alternative: Down

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Down lets you get straight to the point and tell strangers whether you want to go on dates with them or head straight to bed. Each day it picks 10 people that are located near you and they’ll never know you’re interested until they show interest themselves.

Tinder alternative: How About We

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Instead of yammering on about your interests, occupation and hobbies; How About We matches people based on dating ideas. It’s a different idea that avoids that initial awkwardness that happens when chatting to someone on any other dating app for the first time.

Want to have a picnic in Green Park? Suggest that and anyone who likes the sound of your date can message you and arrange to meet in person or vice versa. This is basically a more grown up dating app that’s perfect if you’re tired of randoms contacting you with nude pictures or weird messages.

Tinder alternative: Bristlr

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We’ve heard beards are in fashion these days. So much so that someone decided to create a dating app for people with beards or those with a beard fetish. This is a slightly bizarre idea that’ll stick around until the next big fashion fad comes in, which will probably be man buns. We wouldn’t be surprised if a dating app for that appears online€¦

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