The Best Parental Control Apps for Your Kid’s Phone in 2020

Ashley Halsey
January 22, 2020

There’s no denying that kids have more access to technology now than they have ever before, whether that comes in the form of televisions, tablets, computers, and smartphones, but how confident are you that your children are safe when using these devices?

With so much content on the internet, parents need to be proactive in making sure your children learn to use the internet responsibly and safely. In today’s guide, we’re going to show you some of the best apps of 2020 to help you keep control while allowing them to have their freedom.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky has always been at the forefront of internet security, so it should come as no surprise that they are considered one of the best in terms of parental control safety.

By logging into your control panel on your phone or your computer browser, you can track what your kids are doing on their phone at any time, as well as using premade content blocks, or by creating your own.

mSpy Android Parental Control

“Marketed and considered by many to be the ultimate parental control app by parents around the world, the app prides itself on being easy to use and providing one of the most impressive levels of customer service who are always there when you need them” shares Sarah Farrow, a tech writer at and

Compatible with all modern-day tablets and smartphones, the app is straightforward to use and gives you information on everything from messages and call to all saved media on the device. You can even track the real-time location of the device using GPS technology.

Net Nanny Parental Control

While a little bit pricey compared with other parental control apps, you can install this app on any and all devices, including both iOS and Android devices. The app is really easy to use and install, and your children won’t be able to access and change the app settings without you handing over the code first.

While there are a few settings and features you won’t have access to here, such as call and text monitoring, when it comes to app time management, there are very apps that do this better.


“FamilyTime is one of the most complete control apps in the game, and it doesn’t matter what aspect of your children’s phone you want to control, you can do it here. You can set exactly what kind of control your kids have access to, where their device’s physical is via GPS technology, and controlling screen time limits, including dedicated homework and bedtime settings” explains Tom Cook, an apps reviewer at and

You can implement entire device-wide blocks and filters, or really narrow down what kind of settings you want on a per-app basis. Everything is super easy to control, even if you’re not very technically minded yourself!

Norton Family Premier

While Norton does offer all the basic features you’d expect in a premium parental control app, where this app really excels is when it comes to filtering web content. All harmful content, including pornography, gambling, and age-restricted content can be blocked automatically, and there are the options to add your own websites to the list whenever you want.

Everything is controlled through the dashboard which you can access through both your mobile and your computer at any time, guaranteeing real-time protection at all times.


While not available on iOS devices, if you’re looking for complete Android parental control solution, Qustodio might be everything you’re looking for and more. This app does seem a little outdated compared to others in this list but is it still both reliable and affordable.

GPS location tracking, call monitoring, and powerful app management all come as standard, although it’s worth noting there’s no geofencing feature. With multiple price packages available, it’s easy to find a solution that works for you for the budget you’re shopping with.

Built-In Screen Time Apps

Now that we’re in 2020, it’s common knowledge that modern iOS and Android devices come with their own integrated screen time apps to help you control how much your children can use their device.

While these aren’t the most feature-rich applications just yet, they are certainly heading that way, especially with their frequent updates and easy graphs that show you just how much time your child is using the device and what they’re doing.


Author Bio:

Ashley Halsey is a professional writer at Lucky Assignments and Gumessays who has been involved in helping parents introduce technology to their children safely. Mother of two children, she enjoys travelling, reading and attending business training courses

About the Author

Ashley Halsey

Ashley Halsey is a professional writer at Lucky Assignments and Gumessays who has been involved in helping parents introduce technology to their children safely. Mother of two children, she enjoys travelling, reading and attending business training courses.

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