The best Android apps of 2019

Rebecca Davis
November 14, 2019

Us humans and our mobile phones have become inseparable in recent history. We’re obsessed with our little handheld devices, let’s be honest. Technological advancements have certainly played a part in this as we’re being exposed to more sophisticated phones than we’ve ever seen before, with a seemingly endless amount of functions.

We use our mobile phones to book our summer holiday, order food in, play Minecraft or Tetris, visit sites like Facebook or the online casino ‘Slots Heaven’, send each other pointless ramblings on WhatsApp and even do our online banking. The options are endless and the applications we’re now able to access is frankly amazing. Remember the days of Snake on what felt like a brick? We’ve certainly processed a hell of a lot since then, haven’t we?

With that in mind, and with all of you clearly pining for mobile phone apps these days, we thought we’d compile a list of the some of the best Android apps of 2019 so far so, well, you can download them and give them a go for yourself. Sound like a fair deal? Good.


Meditation apps have certainly garnered huge interest recently, with Brightmind proving to be one of the more popular ones out there. Aiming to tailor the experience to your needs in a way other apps of its type don’t, Brightmind is the perfect meditation app to help relieve stress, anxiety, improve on various things like communication and a whole host of other benefits that meditation is known to bring. You can choose the duration of your meditation, alongside plenty of other nifty functions which allow you to take full control, but whilst also relaxing and enjoying the benefits meditation.


A fun app in a world full of seriousness, DoodleLens allows you to doodle something and then point your phone’s camera at the doodle from within the app, which subsequently means you can copy it and paste it on top of anything around you in augmented reality. Neat, right?

Other functionalities include having the option of changing the colour of the doodle and being able to save your various creations.


We all make videos on our phones these days, whether they’re for Instagram or YouTube. KineMaster is the perfect video editor on Android and fairly simple to use compared to many other similar apps of its type. You’re able to add audio and visual filters, alter and trim videos frame-by-frame, add stickers and text, adjust the speed, adjust transition effects and a whole load of other cool features – the list is endless! You can use the app for free, although the videos you create will have a KineMaster watermark and you can’t use them commercially. That can all be avoided by paying for the app, though, which is – at the time of writing – $3.70.


There are so many photo editing apps out there, but SKRWT is arguably the best of the lot. Other apps of its type simply don’t allow you to alter the perspective of a picture in the unique way SKRWT does. The main tools allow you to correct the lens distortion, change the ratio and shift the perspective, amongst other things. There are no effects as such, stickers, or makeup modes. More of a professional tool, SKRWT is well worth a go.


Laughable is a podcast app that essentially brings the best of comedy to a listener. You can subscribe to a specific podcast, but also the very people who make them. Laughable even features politicians, actors, musicians and the like, alongside comedians too, of course!

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