Popular Myths about Mobile Gambling Games

Elen Yankovskaya
June 18, 2020

Naturally, such entertainment as online gambling suddenly became popular, somewhere even illegal. And even more naturally, myths and even legends began to appear around popular phenomenon such as gambling. You can verify the reality of all the myths presented below personally by visiting any gaming club on the Internet, where all gambling games without exception are provided to gamers for testing in free mode both for PCs and for mobile devices.

Virtual gambling games

The result is strictly according to the program

One of the most popular myths is that the online gambling games give the result strictly according to the program. It is cyclical and follows a strict algorithm. Yes, such algorithms existed, at the dawn of the era of online gambling games, when experience of programmers were low and we simply didn’t have freely available developer tools. But now in all modern gambling games there is a randomizer and there can be no talk about any cyclical nature in algorithms.

The next myth stems from the first. Many players believe that after Jackpot in any slot machine a series of small loses will follow, until the game goes into a plus. This is also a lie. As mentioned earlier, the machine works on random number generator technology. There have been cases when the machine threw out several Jackpots in a row, but it happens that it can give out pennies for months. It’s just that the chance of a large win is much less, and it’s quite logical that the machine often gives out either a loss or small amounts of money.

Distrust of the mobile online casino

Another myth is based on human distrust. It is believed that the online casino staff is cheating. No matter how dishonest the staff would not want to intervene there, but all the gambling games in online casinos are on the servers of the manufacturer’s company, and the software is regularly checked by both them and other independent companies. This means that no staff can get into the program of any gambling game online.

Again, a myth arising from the first. If we argue that the machine has a certain number of fixed results, then we can calculate the algorithm for their appearance. And since there is an algorithm of work, then you can derive a winning algorithm from it, trick the slot machine or blackjack software and take everything.

It is tempting. But here there is one “but.” It’s impossible because of RNG, you won’t be able to “predict” the outcome of the games.

If you play, then play calmly and with a cold head. In gambling, you are either lucky or not. Everything will be decided by a smile of Fortune.

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