Online Poker Etiquette to Know Now

Alice Johnson
February 9, 2020

Many online poker players think that just because they are sitting before a computer screen, they can have a license to do whatever they wanted to do. They believe that they can act like a jackass already. But that is not the case since there are various considerations to take note. Every online poker player should be aware of this even before they sit down. Thus, here are some online poker etiquette tips to know:

Do Not Tap the Glass

In the game of online poker like in Bandar togel terpercaya, make sure not to berate a bad poker player just because they have a bad play. Avoid educating a poor poker player that what they are doing is wrong. If a bad player made you angry, just stop the urge to get mad and don’t act carelessly towards the player.

If you shout at him and call him an idiot for putting all the money in one weak draw will not get your money back. This will also lead him to start playing better in the game.

Moreover, it will make the playing environment not friendly and fun. Thus, make sure to keep the fish fun and playing as long as possible in the game. Always remember not to be rude with the bad players.

Do Not Talk About a Poker Hand

It is not advisable to talk about another poker player’s hand. Do not advise on another player on which they are in. If you have the guts, then you can go all-in. A fishy player must decide whether to fold or call. Decide on how you like it to be if another player at the table keeps on telling the fish to fold just because you have the nuts.

Do not opt for this for using table talk so you can influence a decision. If you go all-in, and your opponent decided to call or fold, then you can talk to them and try to influence their decision. This method is called levelling and it is accepted in the game.

The only difference between the two scenarios is that someone else is betting and offering their advice to the weak player to get the action favourable to him.

Do Not Be Abusive in Chat

This is the same as with not tapping the glass. Being abusive or berating other players is not good in the game. This may cause you to upset someone and they might choose not to continue the game. You may even cause yourself to be upset or angry. Thus, try not to be abusive in the chat and never use profanities.

Do Not Provide a Sign of the Hand you folded

Imagine, you raise pre-flop at Bandar togel terpercaya using Ace 5 and now another person re-raises you. One player calls and you decided to fold. If the flop comes down Ace 5 or similar, don’t talk about your hand in the chatbox. Talk about it only when your hand is completed. Doing so will only influence the way hand plays out. This is unfair for players still involved in the hand.

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