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July 20, 2020

There are always tips and tricks you can do with your smartphone to make it better and these iPhone tips will teach you shortcuts and hacks. Of course, you’ll need an iPhone to use each of these tips so make sure you check out the best Fonehouse iPhone contract packages to get true value in what you’re looking for. Make the most of your iPhone and your contract.

Sign from your inbox

This little iPhone tip is going to save you time and paper. Whenever you get an email through, asking you to sign a document, there’s no need to print it out anymore. Instead, you can sign it directly from your inbox. All you need to do is open up the email then the document from the mail app. In the top right corner, there’s a pen icon, tap this. You’ll now see a range of different options. Tap the + in the bottom right and three more options will appear. Select signature when sign along the bottom line and confirm. Once you’ve done this, you can move and readjust the size of the text to make it fit perfectly. Now just save this and send it back. 

Make Calls Without Unlocking iPhone

When you’re in a rush to call someone, it can be really inconvenient to unlock your phone, find the contacts app, find the contact and actually call them. For times you need to call someone quick, adding contacts to your home screen is going to save you. All you need to do is swipe across to reveal the widgets page and scroll to the bottom of the page and tap edit. Add your favourite contacts on to your widget page. Now, whenever you want to call someone, all you need to do is swipe across and tap the contacts.

Calculator Tips

Although the Apple calculator buttons are quite larger, we’ve all managed to hit the wrong number at least once or twice. We then spam the clear button and start all over again. Save time with this super simple iPhone calculator tip. Instead, when you type a wrong number, just swipe left or right on the number to remove the last digit entered. Swiping both left and right do the same action by removing the last number so you just need to figure out which one works best for you.

Spice Up iMessages

It’s safe to say that there are hundreds of things you can do in the Apple iMessage app from playing games, creating emojis and even sharing music. To add even more emotion to your messages, you can send them with different exclamations. For example, send a message with a transition on the bubble, such as SLAM or invisible ink. This creates more emphasis on your messages. For more emotion, you can edit the screen on this particular piece of text. Flood the screen with balloons, confetti, fireworks or even love hearts. Now, when the other person opens the message, they’ll get a fun little animation along with your message.

One-Handed Typing

Sometimes, you’re in the position where you really need to reply to a text but, you also need to go about doing something else too. When this is the case, stretching your hand across to the other side of the screen just doesn’t work. Now, you can change the Apple keyboard to one handed mode to make that scenario way easier. All you need to do is press the shift key then hard press on the world icon. This will bring up a range of different keyboard settings. To change into one handed mode, take either of the bottom keyboard icons, depending on whether you’re left or right handed.


Master these iPhone tips and become a true iPhone user. With every corner of your Apple device figured out and optimised, you’ll be able to show off to everyone you know.

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