Installing Android Casino Apps in 2020

Dumitru Midon
March 4, 2020

The casino isn’t one of those new technology trends but an industry that has been thriving in over a century. People often have to travel to meet in a casino to gamble their money, of which some get lucky and get even more in return. 

However, with the recent technological advancements and how the world has gone mobile, it has become even easier and more accessible for those interested. Although there has been a regulatory clamp down on deposit and KYC limits, according to GoldenCasinoNews, you can still enjoy your game on the go. 

In fact, many US operators such as SlotsSocialCasino also offer social casino apps that allow you to enjoy the same experience on the go.

Although there are different gaming platforms for casinos available on the Google Play Store, there are exceptional apps that offer the best features to give you great gaming experience. There are both real money casino app games and free-play gaming apps, of which Android users have access to an endless amount.

By exploring the best of these apps on your Android device, you will have access to great graphics and a more amazing experience compared to using PC. And, of course, with a good internet connection, you can play on the go!

How Does it Work?

Android casino apps are similar to desktop apps, except with a few changes to make it perfect for a smartphone. Let’s talk about the difference in the apps; would you get a Free or Real Money Casino app? Most people would love to go for the latter, considering that it was their initial reason for gaming anyway. However, the terms and conditions on the Google Play Store do not make it possible to let people gamble with real money and it might take some effort to get access to these real money casino apps.

Free Casino Apps: this is the easiest and cheapest way to play the game, especially if you are new to do this. It wouldn’t be wise to immediately try to gamble with real money as it could end woefully. You can’t lose with free apps but you will get the same level of excitement of a real casino game while playing. 

Real Money Casino App: this is for everyone who already knows the game and would not mind placing their money in a gamble. There are various apps available where you can play slots for real money, although it is not as available as the free apps due to restrictions.

You can access casinos on Android either via a browser or via an app installed from Google Play Store. For most people who play real money casinos, they often get access to it via their browsers. However, you have to be careful not to fall into security threats. 

Bottom Line

There are countless casino apps to install today but you should always look out for key features to make the best pick. Check for the highest quality graphics, easy loading and playtimes, and fast payouts for the real money games. Also, consider if the app has your preferred selection of games and if you’ve got a chance to win real money. More features to look out for include security, customer support, payment options, and a VIP program.

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