How To Make An Awesome Playlist on Pandora

Emily Bartels
January 11, 2020

Pandora is a great application that helps you to access a world-wide quality of music. You can adjust and save different stations up to your likings. This app allows you to create a radio station that only plays music according to your interests. You can make Pandora play all the similar tracks that meet your interests.

It is a brilliant app; it changes the background with the choice of tracks you would like to hear. There are several ways through which you can get a perfect experience from Pandora. It would help if you created a Pandora playlist so that you can integrate full albums and songs into a précised list that will only play the music as per your command.

Pandora is a complete music store online with quality music all around the world. You can find both new and old tracks on this application. You can even save the tracks for offline listening with unlimited skips.

Playlists vs. Stations

Playlists are custom made lists based on your personal choice. In this list, you can add or delete contents in any specific order you prefer. You can use the help of Pandora’s Music Genome and select the option of Add Similar Songs if you’re having trouble building up your playlist. You can always edit the recommendations provided by Pandora.

Stations available on Pandora Premium usually act like sublunary radio stations and are guided by your thumb feedback on certain songs and albums. To make Pandora understand your likes and dislike in music, always give feedback by pressing thumb up or down, and it’ll learn what to play next.

Creating a New Playlist

Below are some steps for creating a Pandora playlist in your Smartphone or Tablet:

Step 1- Open the Pandora application on your phone.

Step 2- Due to default settings, the app will display you My Collection screen if you’re on some another tab, exit to the home section, and click on My Collection.

Step 3- Then click on Filter.

Step 4- A pop-up menu will appear, and then click on Playlists.

Step 5- Then click on the New Playlist, located on the top of the screen.

Step 6- Then, the app will ask you to create a name for your new playlist, after entering the name click Next.

Step 7- Then, in the search bar, type the name of any album, song, or artist which you want to add.

Step 8- The app will show you several results related to your search, to add a song in your playlist, click on the plus (+) icon displayed next to the particular song or album.

Step 9- You can add several tracks in your playlist by repeating the last two steps mentioned above.

Step 10- If you want to remove a created playlist in your Pandora account, click on Delete Playlist.

– You can also create your Custom Pandora Music Playlist on your web browser by following the same steps as shown above.

Creating a Personalized Playlist in Pandora

By buying Pandora Premium subscription, you are provided with personalized playlists, which are designed and based on your liking and listening history. These customized playlists are created automatically and appear for a time to time in your profile.

These playlists provide you with a better alternative if you’re tired of listening to your previous playlist. The playlist is created based on your thumbs up on particular songs and albums. By being a premium customer, Pandora automatically judges your taste in music and shows you the tracks based on your likes and dislikes.

Editing a playlist

To edit a playlist, you need to open my collections and then click on the name of the playlist which you want to modify or make specific changes. After that, click on the Edit button, located below the playlist.

  • To remove specific tracks from your playlist, you need to scroll down the screen and click on the cross (x) icon next to the songs which you want to remove from your playlist, or you can try swiping the song title from right to left, that will also remove the track from the playlist.
  • To adjust the playlist as per your desired position, you need to hold the list and drag it to the location where you want to see it.
  • You can also rename the playlist by clicking on the current name and entering a new one as per your choice.
  • If you need any assistance or you are having trouble building up your playlist, click on Add Similar Songs displayed on the bottom of your screen. Pandora will add similar tracks that match your musical likings in your playlist. Then you can edit and remove the records which you don’t want in your playlist.
  • You can’t edit a shared playlist because it is created by another user. You have to make a similar copy of the playlist; after that, you can modify it as per your choice.

Downloading a playlist

Some specific mobile devices allow the feature of downloading playlist. If you want to download tracks from My Collection, tap on the download icon located below the song. You need to know that only a few tracks are eligible to download, not all the records.

You can stop the track from downloading by simply clicking the download icon again, and it will stop your download progress.

If your track is not fully downloaded and you lost your connectivity, Pandora will save the partially download song, and after gaining signal, it will continue downloading the song from where it stopped.

Sharing a playlist

You can share any playlist to another user no matter what subscription level you are on. Your Pandora profile should not be private; it should be set to the public to share the content with another listener. To change your profile settings, open the app settings, and modify your profile from private to public.

You can also visit online on the Pandora site if you’re facing problems regarding sharing content with another user.

Radio only tracks

The Majority of the tracks in your collection will be allowed to play without any specific restrictions; you may come across some tracks that are tagged with ‘radio only.’ You are not permitted to play these labelled tracks offline and download it in your playlist.

But you can start a new station by searching that specific song or track, and Pandora will show you some results similar to it.


If you’re a music lover, Pandora is the best app which will satisfy your all needs. It contains the best quality of music, which one wishes to listen. All the including features make it a complete package.

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