How To Install Xposed Framework on Oneplus 6T

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May 22, 2019

Xposed framework is a framework for android phone which enables you to apply tweaks and modifications to your rooted android phone. It has a large community of developers who have released various tweaks to improve the Android experience. In this article, we are going to show you how to install the Xposed framework on Oneplus 6t running Android 9.0 Pie.

As of now, the Xposed framework is not available for Android 9.0 pie operating systems officially. The Oneplus 6t ships with Android 9.0 pie as its default operating system and it cannot be downgraded to oreo. So it is not possible to install the Xposed framework on your Oneplus 6t device officially. The original developer of the Xposed framework, rovo89 has not yet released an official version of the Xposed framework for Android 9.0 pie.

What is EdXposed?

The good news is that the Xposed framework is open source so other developers take the code and edit it to make it available for newer versions of Android. This has been done and posted by a Redditor online. The port of Xposed framework is called EdXposed and is available on Android 9.0 Pie so it can be installed on Oneplus 6t devices.

EdXposed is a framework which is converted to a Magisk module which can be installed on all Android devices that run Magisk. If we look at the Github page of EdXposed, we can see that it uses Riru to inject the software required for the Xposed framework in android 9.0 pie. Following are the steps which are required to install the Xposed framework on Oneplus 6t running android pie.

How To Install Xposed Framework on Oneplus 6T

Before proceeding forward, we should note that EdXposed is not an official port of the Xposed framework which means that it is not released by the same creator as the Xposed framework. This unofficial port has not been tested properly and may face problems in some devices. You should install this at your own risk.

Installing Magisk on Oneplus 6T

EdXposed is a Magisk framework and it requires Magisk to be installed in your phone to function. This is why before installing Xposed framework on Oneplus 6T, we have to install Magisk on the device. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to install Magisk on Oneplus 6T:-

  • First, we need to unlock the bootloader in Oneplus 6T. To do so, go to the settings menu on your phone and go to the about phone section.

  • Here, touch the build number repeatedly, this will unlock the developer options for Oneplus 6T.

  • Go to the developer options menu under system settings and switch on the option that says “Enable OEM Unlocking”.

  • Install adb tools in your computer and switch on USB debugging on your device.

  • Now, you have to reboot into bootloader. To do this, just switch off your phone and hold the volume down and power button simultaneously to boot into bootloader.

  • Open the adb shell on your computer and type in “fastboot oem unlock”.

  • Place the twrp image in the adb folder on your PC and type in “fastboot boot twrp-3.2.3-x_blu_spark_v9.86_op6.img” in the adb shell.

  • Once your device boots up, we have to go to Advanced, ADB sideload and enter the following command: “adb sideload”.

  • Now, from the TWRP reboot into bootloader again.

  • We have to flash Magisk on your device now. To install Magisk, put the Magisk zip file in the adb folder on your PC and type “adb sideload” in the shell. 

  • Reboot into system

Magisk is now successfully installed on your Oneplus 6T device, now we have to download and install EdXposed.

Installing EdXposed on Oneplus 6T

To install EdXposed on your Oneplus 6T device, follow the following steps:-

  • Now, you have to open Magisk Manager on your device.

  • In Magisk Manager, navigate to the Modules menu.

  • Here, select Riru core and install it.

  • Once Riru Core is installed, go back to the Modules menu.

  • Now, install the EdXposed Module from the Modules menu.

  • After installing EdXposed, you can just go to the downloads folder where you have downloaded the Xposed installer apk and install it.

  • Reboot your device.


Once your phone has booted up, you can use the Xposed framework normally on your Oneplus 6T device. One advantage of installing the Xposed framework using EdXposed is that since it is being installed as a Magisk module and not as a rooted application, it passes the SafetyNet check. This means that you can use apps like Google Pay and Pokemon Go even when your phone is rooted. Again, beware that EdXposed is not an official port of the Xposed framework so it can potentially cause problems with your device. Install it at your own discretion.

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