Four ways to market your business

Caitlin Purvis
July 16, 2019

Here, with Lookers, who sell a range of vehicles such as the
Commercial Ford, we
examine the best ways to market your business.

Companies have been marketing their business in weird and
wonderful ways for centuries, but, in 2019, what is the best way to draw in,
and retain a solid customer base through strategic marketing. When you think of
Nike, you think of ‘Just Do It’, when you think of McDonalds, you think of ‘I’m
Loving It’.

Online Marketing

Although paid campaigns often drive heavier results, social media, which is totally free, can impact your business’ success in exactly the same fashion. In January 2018, the UK had 44 million active social media users, representing 66% of the population.

Of course, not all users will be potential customers or
clients, but that is a phenomenal outreach for a free service. This is why a company,
no matter what the size, should fully utilise this tool.


Using leaflets is a particularly cost-efficient and wholly
effective way of advertising, especially for new business start-ups. By keeping
your design simple, including your business’s name, logo, telephone number,
email address and the service(s) you are offering, potential customers or
clients are more likely to keep a hold of your leaflet, thus meaning they’ll
always have a hard copy on hand.

, according to research, is a much more memorable form of
advertising, with nine out of 10 people remembering door-drop mail they’ve
received. This form of marketing can send your customers the message you’re
intending to get across from as little as 5p per household. It also enables you
to get customers engaging with your business.

If you are looking to properly capture your readers
attention, consider including a coupon or discount code so they are tempted to
use your product or service.


can be a fantastic way of promoting a new business, or new event.
Doing so can help direct the attention of passers-by to your business in a
relatively cheap manner. Research has found that the majority of a local
business’s regular customers live within a five-mile radius of where you are
based, so your banner could possibly be viewed by a single customer 60 times in
a week.

Vehicle wraps

We are all accustomed to cars or vans travelling the roads
of Britain covered in sign-writing. This is because it can turn your transform
into an all-year-round marketing machine. In fact, according to the Outdoor
Advertising Association, using a vehicle wrap is the cheapest
cost-per-impressions of any main form of advertising. Naturally, a television
advert is most expensive, with costs of close to £40 per thousand impressions
during primetime. Radio is cheaper but can still cost in the region of £10 per
thousand impressions for a 30 second slot. Vehicle wrap, however, can cost as
little as 30p per thousand impressions and has a much longer shelf life. 

Even if you’re parked up, members of the public can still
engage with your brand. It doesn’t matter how big the company is either, as all
sizes can benefit from this, although for smaller businesses this would be a
relatively cheap way to get their brand or product noticed every day.

There is a vast range of methods you can choose to help
advertise, however, sticking with one which is in-fitting with your budget is
equally as important. The general success of your business can often hinge on
your ability to market its service or product ‘ if people don’t know about what
you do, you will struggle to turn a profit.

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