The Flabbergasting Features of New iPhone Which Took the Market by Storm

William Johan
October 30, 2018

No one can deny the fact that Apples are sweet and nutritious but when it comes to Apple Inc., the standards surge dramatically. Apple Inc., which was once a dream of Steve Jobs only, is now the dream of billions of people. The stunning success and reputation that Apple Inc. enjoys were made possible by the fact that they never compromised on the quality and innovation of their products.

The chief product which made Apple progress by leaps and bounds is iPhone. And to stay a leader of the ever-growing smartphone market, Apple keeps arming the iPhone with latest techs and features. Although all the smartphones whether iPhone or Android comes with the latest contemporary features, yet the latest iPhone XS is one step ahead of all. It was launched on September 12th, 2018 and is an upgraded version of iPhone X. The iPhone XS is a perfect gift and you can use any top-rated cargo company to send iPhone to your loved ones living in distant areas.

Let us cast a glance at the latest features which make iPhone XS so special.

Bionic Chip; the Brain of iPhone XS

Apple has equipped the iPhone XS with the exceptional A12 Bionic processor which enables the XS to work at a rate nine times faster than its predecessor models. Apple is of the view that this bionic chip can handle 5 trillion processes per second.

In addition to that, this futuristic chip consumes only 60 per cent of the power that its precursor chip yet the GPU if A12 Bionic chip is half a times faster. It is quite evident that the addition of this chip in the armour of iPhone has taken things on the next level.

12MP Dual camera; the Eyes of iPhone XS

What is a mobile without a good camera? The demands of the modern mobile users have changed a great deal and now the feature that mattered the most in a mobile phones i.e. making calls and attending calls has become the most insignificant one. Now users check a host of features before going for a mobile phone and Apple knows it.

iPhone XS comes with a true-depth 12-megapixel dual camera system which enables the user to take pictures with more sophistication and details. Not only the pictures but also the video quality of this camera is out of the world. The details that these lenses capture helps in the efficient and faultless working of the Face ID recognition.

Screen Size; where iPhone XS sparkles

Another eye-grabbing exclusive feature of the state-of-the-art iPhone XS is the bigger screen size it boasts. iPhone XS comes with a screen size of whopping 5.8 inches, based on latest Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) technology. Thanks to this enlarged display size, the users can enjoy cinematic display for a view of snaps, video and games. More colourful OLED screens

Also, the pixel density of the screen i.e. Super Retina display is amazing and ensures the display works at its finest. The best part of the story is that Apple has put a special emphasis on the strength of the screen glass which has made it immune to scratches and bruises.

Battery; the Lifeline of iPhone XS

No matter how innovative a phone might be, if the battery timing is not up to the mark, then it is of no use. Therefore, with the introduction of a plethora of new features, it is imperative for the smartphones to support them with enough backup battery and luckily Apple knows just that.

To ace the game of battery timing, the iPhone XS packs a bigger battery of 3,179-mAh. This necessarily means that XS runs at least 30 minutes longer on battery in comparison to the iPhone X and has approx. 11 hours continuous battery timing.

Waterproof iPhone XS; No More Protections Needed

Gone are the days when you had to keep a plastic bag with you to ensure your iPhone remains dry while walking in the rain or having fun at the beach. Apple has given a relief to its customers by securing iPhone XS with the waterproof technology.

Apple tested this model in different liquids and found it totally waterproof. Apple is adamant that their waterproof technology will also keep dirt and sweat at a bay, rendering the inner components of the phone clean and clear. So, do not hesitate to jump into the pool while having iPhone XS in the pocket. Don’t forget to zip the pocket though.

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