Explore Some of the Best Personal Finance Apps for Young Adults

Isabella Rossellini
April 4, 2019

Money management is supposed to be a skill that needs to be mastered with time and it is certainly not something inherent or intuitive. Classrooms are great places where money concepts are introduced right from your childhood and these lessons when reinforced by parents at home help you to polish your skills. However, mastering the art of money management is a lifelong endeavour.

Fortunately, in this hi-tech era, you have access to a host of brilliant money management tools and apps that help to make you financially independent and financially literate & savvy. Smartphones could become your additional teachers for reinforcing money management knowledge and encouraging practical applications.

It could be really overwhelming for young adults just out of college and also, moved out of the parental home for the very first time. It could be difficult to manage their finances on their own. They would require learning ways to effectively pay off the bills and debt consolidation loans. You need to figure out how to go about leading a normal life without the disciplined life of the college and the fun party atmosphere with the free flow of alcohol.

As per, “Millennials also want to be more involved in the day-to-day management of their personal funds. In general, most Millennials consider themselves more than qualified to handle their own finances. In fact, back in 2012, a study by the National Endowment for Financial Education and George Washington University found that nearly 70% of young people gave themselves high financial literacy marks.”

If you are able to master your finances around your twenties, it would give you the confidence so you would not be under tremendous financial pressure as compared to others who have no exposure to money management. Once you start using cutting-edge financial apps, you could boost your net worth eventually. Here are some effective money management tools for young adults who are in their early twenties.

Money Under 30

Money under 30 is supposed to be a website meant especially for novice young adults who are seeking to know more about financial topics. You need to concentrate on relevant financial topics. Money under 30 does not compel you to learn about advanced financial topics. They would be focusing on innovative, simple, relatable and informative content. If you are seeking information and instructions to learn about how to fill up insurance application or how to file your income taxes, Money under 30 has an appropriate and relevant article for you. Are you having a few thousand bucks for investing but you have no clue how or where to invest the money safely and profitably? Money under 30 is the destination to head for initiating financial education and research relating to specializations such as money management, financial planning and investing.

Gen Y Planning

As a novice young adult, identifying a financial advisor who actually understands your lifestyle, your plans and goals is the right move. You may spend money on gaining deep financial insights. Gen Y Planning would be providing the best guidance and advice.

Toshl Finance

Toshl Finance would be helping young adults in setting monthly budgets and tracking expenses. Moreover, the expenses are actually logged and accordingly categorized by young adults or users. Even though the app would be necessitating more maintenance as compared to Mint, it actually, promises an added advantage of inculcating financial responsibility very much into the precise money matters equation.

Left to Spend

Just like Toshl Finance, the app called Left to Spend is supposed to be a budgeting app at its simplest best. This app is not that connected or fancy as compared to others discussed here. However, the app’s simplicity makes it stand out from the rest. Users would be establishing a specific spending limit and go on subtracting expenditures.


The Manilla app is known to operate as primarily an effective digital file folder and a 

competent bill pay service. By letting users to go about paying their bills and tracking spending, Manilla claims to provide efficiency and ease of use. One really unique and enticing feature of this splendid app is its ability to customize. You could consider setting up alerts for outstanding and upcoming bills.

Debt Payoff Planner

Debt Payoff Planner is a great tool for helping users to establish a sure-shot technique of debt management. Debt Payoff Planner helps you to track by highest debt, interest, and balance. One more striking feature of Debt Payoff Planner is that it could successfully project exactly when the debts would be paid off provided the interest rates and the repayment plan has already been fixed and determined.


BillGuard exposes the ‘grey charges’ and comes up with a more open and transparent financial scenario for users. BillGuard would highlight all the hidden expenses and help the users to be firmly in control of their finances and not get swayed by devious charges such as membership fees, auto-renewal fees, or monthly fees.


As per PC Mag, Mint has been acclaimed and acknowledged as Editor’s choice basically for smartphone’s personal finance app. Numerous companies and personal financial advisors regard Mint as the most useful and productive personal financial app that could give a new direction to a young adult.

Smarty Pig

Smarty Pig is supposed to be a competent progress-tracking app just right for young adults who are just beginning to understand the real-life financial literacy apps. The app allows users to input their money objectives and aspirations.


iAllowance is well-known as robust money tracking app. This app differs from other apps catering to the more mature teenagers. How is this brilliant app different from the rest? iAllowance would be generating a platform meant for teens, guardians, and parents for working and interacting together on one and the same platform for boosting money management habits and handling apps.


Utilizing an effective money-management or financial budgeting app could be a welcome change to your overall financial routine. Opting for the most useful app is supposed to be your personal preference depending on your specific needs and aspirations and the degree of involvement.

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