Data Backup Strategy: The 3-2-1 Rule and Why should It be Used?

Peter Peng
November 26, 2019

Data loss is still a very hot topic. Especially for those who have ever experienced it. Cyber-attacks, flooding, fires, failures – there are quite a few scenarios for losing important data. Unfortunately, man is responsible for 25% of all such cases.

Rule 3-2-1 Backup

Preparing a handful backup strategy is a very reasonable step, but the key is to implement it effectively.

Rule-3-2-1 regarding backups is a method that allows you to provide real security to your data.

This simple and universal rule tells you how many backups you need to make and where to store them. Therefore:

Always have 3 backups

Use 2 different data storage technologies (cloud, pen drive, external hard drive, tape, etc.),

Always keep 1 backup away from home or business.

Are You Wondering Why? Here’s the Answer

Storing data in three copies statistically minimizes the possibility of their loss. Suppose the original data is saved on disk mark A and the backup copy on disk mark B. If the probability of disk A and B failure is 1%, the possibility of simultaneous failure of both disks would be 0.01%. With three backups, the probability is reduced to 0.0001%.

Two different carriers further reduce this probability. It often happens that two devices from the same batch have a similar life. In the case of RAID, it is usual for a hard disk to “die” very quickly after another disk fails.

Get Yourself an External Data Drive Now

It is also recommended to store one backup in another location. In the event of threats such as floods, fires or burglaries, not all backups will be lost. Placing a backup in a bank, private apartment is not too complicated or even problematic, but it can save your business from many problems.

Use Backup Software

After backup according to the rules, the data will be secure. In general, however, the most secure backup is the one we create now – without thinking about rules and regulations. Too much rely on an ingenious backup strategy can be dangerous. Remember that a new backup – even if it is performed only on a CD – is the most current backup. One of the reasonable solutions is to regularly create (and check) backups, you can do this in our case with a piece of reliable backup software like MiniTool ShadowMaker.

Do not rely on manual backup methods – memory is unreliable! Use special software that will remember to make copies for you. When backing up manually, it’s easy to make a mistake or miss something important. MiniTool ShadowMaker will automatically and reliably back up important data, as well as keep a log of all operations and inform you of any problems. It can be configured to automatically back up your computer on daily/weekly/monthly basis when you are not using your computer, so you do not even have to think about it.

Maybe the system has missed the only photograph you will never take again. Always make sure everything is OK.

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In Conclusion

The rules themselves don’t say much about how to back up. Although awareness of data protection is constantly increasing, many user still view backup as an unnecessary practice that will never be useful. However, it’s not enough to have basic security, such as anti-virus program, that protects your valuable files. You must also develop a habit of backing up files or computer on regular basis.  

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