Contract-free rolling plans for 02 customers

Megan Robinson
October 13, 2022

Customers can set up monthly debits to top up their phone monthly

O2 has announced its new Rolling plan, which doesn’t bind customers to a long term contract, but allows them to pay monthly for their data and minutes.

Customers can adjust their phone plans to meet their consumption and needs, or they can terminate the plan at any time. They can also purchase a new monthly plan or change their plan if they have exhausted their plan early.

The Rolling Plan is available to both new and existing customers and deals start from £10 for 25GB data and go up to £30 for 200GB data per month.

Customers can top up their phone monthly by setting up recurring payments, and can also rollover their data with the Rolling Plan, so customers unused data is carried forward to the next month.

They can also access O2 Priority, which will give access to a range of deals and offers and free roaming in the EU.

Gareth Turpin, Chief Commercial Officer at Virgin Media O2 said: “At the time of a cost-of-living crisis we know some people are looking for more flexibility, which is why we’ve created Rolling Plan. For those not wanting to commit to a fixed-term contract or having to top up a Pay As You Go SIM each month, these plans allow customers to only pay for the data and minutes they need in a way that suits them best. It’s the ultimate hassle-free mobile plan for those that just want to keep things basic.”

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