Car Safety Technology for Modern Vehicles

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August 16, 2019

Modern cars have become a tremendous example of smart technology applied the right way. Thanks to touchscreen command centers, apps, and smart safety features, people are now safer in cars than they’ve ever been in the history of driving. There are so many examples to go through, but we’ll do five just to give you an idea of how you can add features to your car that makes you and your family and friends safer.

Ignition Interlock Device

Given the stiff penalties for driving under the influence, it’s no surprise that a car breathalyzer is handy for people who sometimes have a drink or two while out on the town. But how does a breathalyzer work in vehicles? This device is programmed with your state’s B.A.C. limit and installed into your vehicle. In order for the vehicle to start, the driver has to test below this limit.  If you blow into the breathalyzer and you’re over the limit, your vehicle will lock and you can’t drive it for a set period of time. After that time, you can retest, but if you fail again, it’s locked for an even longer amount of time. Rolling retests are required by some court programs, and if you fail a test while the vehicle is in motion, the horn and alarms will go off until you pull over and stop the car.

Driver-Assist Features

Cruise control was one of the first driver-assist features introduced, but that’s a far cry from the advanced technology of today. Adaptive Cruise Control is a feature that allows your vehicle to brake for you when it detects a vehicle in front of you. Automatic braking is just the beginning of these features. Some of these driver-assist features utilize the sensors on the vehicle to stop or accelerate the vehicle as road conditions warrant. It’s not quite a self-driving car yet, but we’re getting there.

Motion Detection Systems

Motion detectors not only alert you when someone is near the vehicle, as part of a security system, but they are also used to help you control your vehicle remotely. These systems can also be used to control lighting and smart devices on your vehicle that will sense your proximity key and perform helpful actions for you, such as opening your trunk without you having to use your hands to open it. Rollover sensors can even help prevent an accident by alerting you if you’re close to a rollover accident.


Knowing the outside of your vehicle is always an important part of safe driving. For people who drive large SUVs and need to see more angles than they can see just by turning around and looking behind them, cameras give people the view of the exterior of a vehicle that they need. Some cameras will only show the rear view of the vehicle, but others are capable of showing you every single thing surrounding your vehicle.

Evasive Steering

This new technology helps you when braking alone won’t be sufficient to stop a collision with a vehicle in front of you. It’s normal for drivers to panic in a situation where they see a vehicle just up ahead, and they’re so close that a crash is going to occur. Evasive steering can apply pressure to the wheel when your efforts aren’t enough.

All of these safety technologies aren’t just helping people be more confident while they’re driving. Each one can also help you to avoid an accident, and that’s the true purpose of car safety technologies. Some of these features will be standard and some will be optional, but they’re all part of a complete safety system.

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