Apple iPhone 5: All you need to know about the next iPhone

Jonathan Morris
May 26, 2011

Given the web is full of speculation about the forthcoming Apple iPhone 5, we felt obliged to join in to give the full facts…

We even managed to obtain an exclusive spy-shot of the finished phone, where you can just make it out that it fits in the hand, has a display and is mostly black.

So, here is the What Mobile guide to the new iPhone

  • The next Apple iPhone will be the fifth iPhone, so will most likely be called the iPhone 5. However Apple could decide to call it the iPhone Next-Gen-Super-Speedy-Phone, if only to see if Samsung calls its next smartphone the Samsung Galaxy NGSSP.
  • It will fix the antenna problem but Apple won’t be make a big deal of it, or even mention it, as there never really was a problem, remember?
  • The next iPhone may or may not include support for 4G. However, given most networks don’t support 4G yet (especially in the UK, where we may be waiting until 2013), nobody will really care as long as it works on 2G and 3G and doesn’t drop calls (see above).
  • It may be smaller and lighter, with a smaller screen to make the next iPhone more pocket-friendly, or it may go up in size to include a larger screen. The screen might be 3D, or it might not.
  • Apple could launch two new devices and surprise us all, but this has been predicted before the launch of every iPhone following the original iPhone, so it seems like the idea of an ‘iPhone nano’ or an ‘iPhone pro’ with a keyboard isn’t as big a priority in Cupertino as we all think.
  • The next iPhone could mark Apple’s launch into the world of NFC, but given Apple usually waits until something works before joining the party, they would surely wait until the networks and banks can sort themselves out before launching? Apple doesn’t do anything with a less than satisfactory user experience. Still, if we had a choice, we’d definitely prefer to buy goods and services with a brand-new iPhone than an ancient Samsung Tocco. No doubt Apple would rename NFC into a more user-friendly name like ‘iPay’ or ‘iCash’.
  • It may use yet another sized SIM card, but only people swapping their SIM card from one phone to another will be concerned with this. Everyone else will sticks their SIM, whatever size it might be, in their phone and forget about it. Many won’t even see the SIM as it gets installed before being handed over.
  • Apple will introduce a new version of iOS, which probably won’t be supported by the 3G and 3GS in order to encourage people to upgrade. There will be some features exclusive to the iPhone 5 that won’t be possible on the iPhone 4, for the same reason.
  • It will be expensive.
  • It will be released at some point in the future.
  • It will change everything. Again.

Got any indisputable facts of your own about the iPhone 5 that we’ve missed? Share them with us so we can build up the definitive guide to the iPhone 5!

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