A Tool That Ensures Adequate Parental Control

Qasim Shehzad
December 30, 2019

Smartphones are the wonder of this age, and everybody has one available to them may it be an adult or a child. On the one hand, it helps us stay in touch with the child then again; it can prove to be a dangerous weapon that could harm the child. However, banning the smartphone from avoiding potential dangers isn’t the answer to the situation. This is when parental control applications like FamiSafe become an integral factor.

What is FamiSafe?

It’s a phone tracker app that’s intended to help parents keep an eye on their kid’s activities through their smartphones. The app was created by WonderShare developers and was made, keeping in mind parents’ needs and ability. Here are some of the main features you would find on the FamiSafe app:

1. App Blocking

There are different apps on the google play store, of which some are helpful, and others are bad for your child. This particular feature of the app will enable you to block those apps that you feel are bad for your kid’s use.

2. Location Tracking

The app enables you to monitor your child’s location always. With the assistance of this app, you can geofence zones, and if your kid goes close to them, you will be informed promptly by a notification. Additionally, the app can tell you about the battery power of their phone and their location history.

3. Usage Restrictions

Now everybody knows a lot about screen time is unsafe, yet it is often difficult to pry the cell phone away from your kid’s hand. This feature on FamiSafe helps parents restrict the amount of time their wards can spend on their smartphones.

4. Site Blocking

There are various sites on the internet, and the content on those sites is unfit for your child. This feature on FamiSafe app helps parents to block those sites which they feel could corrupt or harm their child’s mind.

How Famisafe Apps Function?

FamiSafe was made keeping in mind the parents’ needs and capability. The app must be downloaded on both the child and the parents’ smartphone. Once you’ve done that, you set up an account and grant the required access to the application from your kid’s cell phone. You can likewise set up a pin on the app on your kid’s smartphone which would make them to make alterations to the restriction settings. The app enables the parents to decide which restrictions they are imposing and to what degree. Additionally, it very well may be customized to suit the parents’ needs.

FamiSafe is very easy to use, and the application guides the parents through the more significant part of the settings so parents will not have to stress over any inconveniences. The content monitoring works in a couple of different ways. It can screen for cyberbullying and questionable browsing. It can even block messages from unknown numbers or messages that comprise problem words that you characterize.

Moreover, you can set screen time limits according to sleep and school schedules, for instance. What’s more, when your children do use their smartphones, FamiSafe allows you to see what applications they install, uninstall, or utilize the most. It provides you with a clear picture of your kid’s digital diet. If there is an app you do not want them to use, you can block it. You can do the same for browsing content, which you can oversee according to broad categories.

If you are worried that they are just too much on their phones, full-screen time reports give you a window into the daily usage of their smartphone. It is easy to set up a regular time limit as well, so your child’s eyes remain on their studies (or just on their general surroundings). They will have enough time squinting at the screen when they grow up.

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