A Comprehensive Guide To Progressive Slots

Lucas Ryan
March 3, 2020

Of the various slot games, progressive slots are hugely popular because they offer massive jackpot money. With more players entering the betting arena, the size of the progressive jackpot increases.

And until the jackpot is won, the prize money keeps increasing all of which can be yours with just a small bet amount. Online sites are best suited for the progressive slots as the number of participants increases with people from all over the world taking part in the wager. Read on to know more about the slot category.

How Progressive Slots Started

When progressive slots began in 1986, developed by International Game Technology, it was a massive machine that covered more area than a normal casino. Named as Megabucks, the jackpot was pooled in machines that were based in different casinos in Nevada state.

Telephone lines and modems were used to connect the different machines during that period. To attract patrons, the developers declared the first jackpot prize as one million dollars. Soon the game started drawing in huge crowds. In 1987, the game paid out its first big jackpot of value $4,988,842.17

The Online Entry

Progressive slots were introduced to online casinos as early as 1997. Ever since the advent of casinos on the web n 1994, the slot machines have grown a lot and in a couple of years became the key driver of the casino sites. And it is not surprising that the progressive slots appeared online in a few years.

Microgaming was the first to launch the progressive slot with its Cash Splash title. The main concept of the game drew massive crowds and the title surpasses all other progressive titles having given out over 546 jackpot prize money packages.

Different Progressive Slot Jackpots

One of the reasons for progressive slots attracting players besides its big prize money is the simple to play game theme. Now with advanced technology casino patrons can vie for three types of jackpot offers such as Mega, Major and Minor jackpots.

Mega jackpot is the topmost jackpot that provides an opportunity to win millions. But payouts happen very rarely. In major jackpot, you get payouts often but the winnings are not as big as the Mega type.

In the minor jackpot category, there are regular payouts so the prize money is low and starts from as low as a couple of pounds to a maximum of a few thousand. There are several sites in the United Kingdom that offers all types of jackpot games. Have a look at Online Casino UK sites to know about the exciting progressive jackpots in store for you.

Big Prize Money

The biggest money ever won in a progressive jackpot to date is $21.7 million in the game Mega Moolah. The betting money was 75 cents and reels were spun by the winner not more than 50 times. Other big wins in the game include

A jackpot of €11,736,375 won while playing Mega Fortune in 2011

The jackpot prize of £13.2 million in 2015 from the Mega Moolah title

Jackpot money of €17,861,800 from Mega Fortune game in 2013

As you can see such big cash awards are reason enough for the mighty popularity of the game. The probability of winning the jackpot here is not that easy to decipher mainly because of the different variables like game format, the machines used and return to player percentage for each slot set.

In short, the odds of winning are very few. Despite the low probability, people are still attracted as the prize money is so huge that it is not easy to ignore. Moreover, in some of the progressive titles, you have to place the maximum bet for winning.

Limits On Cash Out

Most of the casinos have a limit on the amount you can cash out. This implies that the casino has a limit on the number of your winnings up to which a player can withdraw his or her winnings. Thus, you have to check the policy of the casino regarding the cash out before you begin on the progressive slot games.

As you can see winning at a progressive slot is similar to winning the lottery. Even if the chances are very slim, a player need not worry about the skills and the rules of the game. And in the event of winning a jackpot, you can spend the rest of your life in absolute luxury thanking your lucky stars.

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