5 best Mobile Gaming Trends to watch in 2019

Kaushal Malkan
October 28, 2019

It is human behaviour to enjoy and play games. Who doesn’t like to stay updated and enjoy playing games on mobile? Gaming drifts are popular and growing fastly. The mobile gaming industry is rising at a high rate at present. It occupies more than 50% of the gaming market share worldwide. Mobile games are games designed for mobiles and related products such as tablets, PDAs, feature phones, etc.

Today everyone has a mobile or smartphone in their hands, and for sure, almost everyone also has a game in it. Mobile Gaming trends have helped the gaming industry to be a success. It has given gaming business a boom, and the technology used for gaming has become advanced. Virtual gaming in mobiles has overtaken pre-gaming industries. The games all over the world are generating high revenues. Here’s the list of 5 best gaming trends to watch in 2019:-

Cloud-Based Gaming

Top companies in gaming are launching cloud-based gaming for their gamers. It is also known as gaming on demand. It is a type of gaming that provides immediate playability to the end-users. It includes a host gaming server that is competent in performing a gaming engine and streaming the data to the client’s device.

Stadia is Google’s new cloud gaming service launching in November 2019. With cloud gaming, you can stream games online just as you stream videos on YouTube or Netflix. It is the upcoming latest trend in the gaming market and is here to stay in the future. By this feature, you will not need to download, add discs, you game pre playing. It will be as easy as watching a live video just by one click.

Online Cash Winning Games

It is a new initiative taken by the gaming companies to engage the users and benefit them in real-time. You can play online slots, blackjacks, and many other types of games online. It helps the user to earn real-world cash and offer fast payouts. Thousands of game lovers are now investing their time in such games. There are many online websites and virtual platforms that provide these opportunities.

Bspin is one such website that offers online games and also cash to the winners. It involves Casino games, blackjack and other games of such kind. It is trustworthy, and hundreds of players trust this real money earning the game. They provide valuable casino bonus relevant to the game.

Augmented Reality

It means the integration of video and audio contents of the game with the user’s surroundings in real-time. Advanced AR games build an actual environment around the gamer’s locality. It is becoming dominant over VR or virtual reality. Examples of AR games are such as Jurrasic World, PokemanGo, etc. These games are typically installed and played on smartphones, tablets, and mobiles.

These games take advantage of the real-world to create new levels and tasks of the game. The user feels more connected, and therefore the interest in the game is maintained. It uses the mobile’s built-in features such as camera, clock, and GPS. It is a new trend in the industry and has the potential to bring the industrial revolution in the gaming sector.

Competitive Multiplayer Games

Today’s smartphones have a variety of connectivity features such as WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, and many more. This advancement in technology has given rise to multiplayer games. It expedites wireless multiplayer games with two or more players. You can play a game with your friends sitting beside you or miles apart by these features. Many game lovers at present are opting for multiplayer games as they can involve with others as well while playing.

PUBG is the example of a multiplayer game played worldwide with intensity. Rocket League, Fortnite, Overwatch, and Counter-Strike are other such examples. These games are fun to play, and players compete against one another. One player winning means the other loses. They induce in-game purchases, and exciting stuff like free gift cards and bonus to keep the game interesting. Competitive games often have multiple players or also teams.

Hyper-Casual Gaming

Hyper Casual games are lightweight games that have simple mechanics and offer instant gameplay. These games require very little time for production and development. They also have a very easy to use interface and does not need any tutorials to understand. Gaming industries are entering the casual gaming field.

Big companies that are part of Casual games are such as Terrainium,, Skiddy Car, and many more. It is for those players who like playing video games without investing much time in the game. It is available for playing immediately and unevenly. Many gamers are now shifting their interest to casual games. It is a comparatively new genre and is gradually gaining attention. Thus, increasing its potential to overtake the gaming industry shortly.

The trends mentioned above are some of the best gaming trends of 2019. These are continuing to grow at a high rate than other related recent trends. Technological advancement and user-friendly features are being developed to keep the players engaged. The trends in mobile gaming are also changing day by day, and it is best to stay updated. Recent mobile gaming trends are more towards AR, live events, cash winning games, and so on.

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