Umi Plus Extreme version will have 6GB RAM

Thomas Wellburn
September 22, 2016

UMi Plus Extreme is big jump over the standard Plus, offering 6GB RAM and a much faster processor.

UMi is a brand pushing their marketing reach pretty heavily right now. With launch after launch, they’re quickly amassing a solid lineup of cheap, well equipped devices. It seems only yesterday that the impressive UMi Plus was released but the Chinese manufacturer is already planning a successor.

Cast in an all-metal aluminium body with fingerprint sensor in tow, there’s a few subtle aesthetic differences between this and the standard model. Firstly, the camera sensor isn’t completely flush like the standard Plus. This could indicate an improved sensor. Secondly, the antenna lines seem to have disappeared and have perhaps merged into that thin exposed metal trim we can see in the images below. It’s a definite improvement over the standard Plus which screams ‘premium.’

Umi Plus Extreme is much faster

In terms of hardware, the UMi Plus Extreme edition keeps the huge 4,000mAh capacity battery found in the standard Plus along with all the other bells and whistles, while upping the power of everything else under the hood. Using the new MediaTek Helio P20 processor, which offers 20 percent more performance than the P10 used in the standard Plus, it’s also got a huge 6GB of RAM inside. This means you’ll be able to open up crazy amounts of applications without worrying about hitting the limit.

The handset will be shipping with the latest stock version of Android 7.0 Nougat; something which the standard Plus also lacks. UMi will be supplying some of their own software but the experience should remain pretty bloatware free.

Costing just $299.99 (£231.08), it continues the UMi trend of solid hardware at a budget price. It’s unlikely that the device will ever be available at retailers in the UK but you should be able to pick it up from eStores such as Gearbest very soon.

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