Samsung ordered to X-ray every Note 7 in Korea

Thomas Wellburn
September 23, 2016

Regulatory body in South Korea orders Samsung to X-Ray every Galaxy Note 7 handset in case of battery fault.

Samsung has been ordered by a regulator in South Korea to perform X-ray scans of every Galaxy Note 7 handset in the country, including newer models expected to be used a replacements in the exchange program.

Samsung claims the issue is now resolved but the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards is taking zero risks with the electronics giant after numerous reports of faulty handsets.

Galaxy Note 7 X-ray will check for battery faults

The tests will ensure new Galaxy Note 7 handsets meet safety regulations and do not have the battery issue found in previously faulty handsets. The X-ray testing will specifically look at battery plate pressure gaps in the cells themselves, which can result in thermal issues resulting in fire. If the positive and negative poles are too close together, there is a chance of short-circuiting the handset.

Samsung has extended the refund period in South Korea by an extra week due to a slow uptake in exchanges. Apparently, the number of people seeking new handsets has been very low, despite the company urging people to return the faulty devices asap.

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