Samsung infographic shows how the Note 7 fiasco went down

Thomas Wellburn
November 22, 2016

A new infographic released by London iPhone repair store ‘Repairly’ has shown how the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 disaster went down… warts and all.

By now, most of the world is probably aware of what happened with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. With numerous devices erupting into flames for no apparent reason, it was concluded that faulty batteries shipped in the handsets were the likely culprit. Samsung offered an exchange scheme with the intent of replacing faulty devices, however this didn’t really fix the problem. Shortly after the exchange scheme started, owners of replacement handsets began tweeting about similar issues, with the whole scenario spiraling out of control very quickly. Rather than try to repair the damage a second time, Samsung did what was its only choice and pulled the plug entirely, killing of the Note 7 and ending all production. The electronics giant is still reeling from the effects, with expected losses accounting for $17 billion according to Reuters. This doesn’t even take into consideration public relations, which have dipped in wake of the fiasco.

You may remember that we posted an infographic last month detailing the timeline of events from start to finish; today we received another one which goes into a little more detail about the aftermath. Take a look for yourself below:

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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