Samsung Galaxy Watch: Could the long wait be over?

Matthew Cook
August 2, 2018

With over a year of hints rumours and suggestion is it time for the new fitness watch to hit the market?

Since 2017 we’ve been tantalised with the Gear Sport and the Gear S3 sparking constant release rumours of a Gear S4 at the end of 2018.

As whispers in the industry circulate, those in the know are saying the new Samsung Galaxy offering could focus on health, fitness and sleep tracking with a particular advancements in internet connectivity.

The shroud of mystery surrounding the S4 smartwatch is bountiful, some say it will share its release date with the Galaxy Note 9 on August 9, others however are betting on the end of August during the IFA 2018.

The design rumours circulating suggest a rose gold colour with hardware buttons on the right hand side utilising a bezel akin to previous Samsung watches, also with smaller wrist size options and battery tech leather strap to increase battery life.

The new Samsung smartwatch is also being rumoured to have an operating system switch which will be a welcome change for many.

For the success of the new watch to compete with the smartwatch market right now it will have to be more compact then previous incarnations, improved fitness tracking software, longer battery life and last but not least an improved price.

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