Even the Samsung Galaxy S7 is exploding now

Thomas Wellburn
September 15, 2016

Not content with the Note 7 exploding in people’s pockets, it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is the latest device to experience problems.

CCTV footage obtained by The Sun newspaper shows Sarah Crockett at ‘Hold the Anchovies’ restaurant in the UK screaming in shock as her Galaxy S7 goes up in smoke. Overall damage doesn’t appear to be that bad, but it shows a wider issue that may not be specific to the Note 7. The handset wasn’t on charge at the time and had been left on the table, so the only likely explanation is some form of overheating. There’s no official detail on what exactly happened to make the device malfunction, though Crockett said it was lucky that things didn’t end up worse. “It could have burnt me, I’ve got small children, it could have burnt them. I could have been so, so much worse.”

Response to Samsung Galaxy S7 issue was not helpful

Crockett contacted Samsung after the event took place and their response was pretty useless: “I didn’t feel like they were listening. He asked me to turn it back on but there was no button. It had completely melted! I was promised a call back, I didn’t get one so I phoned them back again, got promised another call back, didn’t get one.”

Samsung then issued a statement concerning the issue, stating: “There are no known safety issues with Galaxy S7 devices. Samsung takes customer queries extremely seriously and inquiries are investigated and dealt with on a case by case basis. This issue is currently being investigated and our customer services team is in contact with the customer regarding the matter.”

Samsung recalled the Galaxy Note 7 on September 2 after reports surfaced that the handset explodes when it’s turned on or plugged in. Maybe they need to consider adding the S7 to this…

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