The Microsoft Surface Phone is real

Thomas Wellburn
September 15, 2016

The Microsoft Surface Phone could be real after all, after a cryptic Tweet posted by Microsoft employee Laura Janet Baker.

Laura works as a ‘Microsoft Technical Fellow’ and was asked about the rumoured handset. She replied with this confusing tweet:

microsoft surface phone

While it’s not a clear indication that the Surface Phone is still in production, it’s definitely shows that the company hasn’t forgot about it completely. We know that Microsoft could be killing the Lumia line, with the brand gradually phased out in favour of generic ‘Windows Phone devices.’

The most recent Lumia smartphone line was hardly a success for Microsoft, with disappointing sales of the 950 and 950XL leading to massive price-cuts. Currently, you can the former in a bunde that includes a case, screen protector and wireless charger for only £312.

Will the Microsoft Surface Phone run desktop apps?

We still don’t know what the Surface Phone will include but there’s every chance that Microsoft will be pushing for a device that runs native x86 desktop applications. Such an innovation would really be the only way to attract users and business back to the platform. HP proved it was possible with the Elite X3, though granted the company used some trickery to achieve it.

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