Apple iPhone 7 tortured in YouTube stress test

Thomas Wellburn
September 16, 2016

YouTube user JerryRigEverything has subjected the brand new Apple iPhone 7 to various stress tests, concluding that the device is a step up from the previous 6 model.

YouTube user JerryRigEverything has quite a name for destroying handsets to test their worth and it just so happens he’s got hold of the latest Apple iPhone 7. The new device was subjected to differing forms of torture, ranging from scratch tests to burning the panel. In a throwback to bendgate, he even tried snapping the handset in two but to no avail.

The conclusion of the test was pretty positive overall. The iPhone 7 screen lasts nearly 10 seconds on an open flame before blacking out and recovering. The scratch test showed no noticeable marks on the front panel until he reached stage 6 on the scale, whereby things were getting quite nasty. JerryRigEverything described the panel as being “on par with typical smartphone screen hardness.”

He also scratches the crap out of the back casing using various home tools such as keys, which the device holds up especially well to. Switching to the craft knife, things get brutal as giant lines of casing begin peeling off. That said, we think few people will attack their shiny new iPhone 7 with a razor blade.

Apple iPhone 7 waterproofing proves to be fragile

The waterproofing seemed to be a talking point in the video, as it appears that the adhesive can come unstuck and tear when bending pressure is applied to the handset, suggesting that it could be quite easy to unintentionally un-waterproof your smartphone. Overall bending resistance was much higher than the iPhone 6 however, which got quite a bit of negative press for twisting in some peoples pockets.

Elsewhere, Jerry took a craft knife to the home button which dealt no damage, while a hardness pick left lasting marks when once again ramped up to level 6. The rear camera sensor also took a battering, with the level 6 hardness pick causing a deep sound. Jerry says that this proves Apple has not used Sapphire Glass in the new iPhone 7, contradicting what the company had previously stated.

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