SwiftKey 4.2 for Android launches with cross-device syncronisation

Jordan O'Brien
August 21, 2013

If you’re a user of SwiftKey, then you’ll know the pain involved with changing devices and not having your keyboard already know how you type. In SwiftKey 4.2 that’s no longer a concern thanks to the inclusion of cloud syncing.

When you switch to another device, all you need to do is login to your SwiftKey or Google+ account and voila, all your dictionaries and typing styles will be synced to your new phone.

What’s more to celebrate the launch of SwiftKey 4.2, you can now download the app for half the price, and it’s not just cloud syncing you’re going to get.

The updated app also promises to be cleverer, delivering a new feature called “trending phrases”.

With “trending phrases” SwiftKey 4.2 hopes to predict what you’re going to type based on current events, which will be updated remotely without the need to update the app.

You can download Swiftkey 4.2 now from Google Play.

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