Pokémon Go Europe & Asia launch ‘within a few days’

Manny Pham
July 11, 2016

The Pokémon Go Europe and Asia launch could be this week, as the global release of the anticipated game has been staggered.  

Pokémon Go has proven to be a monumental hit that can only rise further once all planned territories get their hands on it. Many fans have been disappointed by slow international release as so far, the US, Australia and New Zealand have seen the game appear on their respective App and Play Stores.

The popularity of the game has hit developer Niantic hard, overworking their servers, resulting in the decision to pause roll out of the game, while servers recovered. A new report from the Wall Street Journal reveals fans from other countries will see the game “within a few days,” the WSJ cites “people familiar with plans for the game.”

Japan doesn’t even have it

Pokémon Go Europe and Asia launch will no doubt skyrocket Nintendo’s popularity again. CNBC reported Nintendo’s stock shot up nearly 25% since the release. Although it has proven to be a great success, Pokémon Go still has a way to go before being a financial success. According to equity analysis Mia Nagasaka, the mobile game needs to hit between 15 billion – 20 billion yen (£112 million – £150 million) turnover per month.

At the moment Nagasaka estimates Pokémon Go took 400 million – 500 million yen (£3 million – £3.7 million) on its first day. Pokémon Go has to remain on top of everything and keep these numbers up to put Nintendo further in the black. What this means for fans is more updates and possibly more AR games from the big ‘N.’

Pokémon Go Europe and Asia launch right now

Plenty of fans have taken action to get the game early by downloading APK files for Android devices, and creating US Apple accounts for iPhones. Some are hesitant as Niantic has in the past banned players from previous title Ingress, for ‘cheating.’

We’ll keep you up to date on the Pokémon Go roll out.

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