Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards gets revamped PC version

Thomas Wellburn
June 6, 2016

The developer behind popular mobile title Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards has announced a PC version of the same name, though it won’t be a direct port.

The game takes elements from popular titles such as Magic: The Gathering and combines them with a chess scenario where cards must be manoeuvred around a grid. This adds an extra tactical element to the game for added depth, giving it a niche in the crowed market of card battlers.

Online play will be carried across courtesy of Steam, meaning you’ll be able to battle it out with friends. Currently, over 1 million battles have been fought on the mobile version and with a rich community, you’ll be able to partake in tournaments and other giveaways via Kyy Games’ various social media channels.

The PC version has been overhauled pretty substantially compared to the mobile version and, while the basic gameplay remains the same, the art style has gotten a big enhancement. The deck editor has been improved from the mobile version to include multiple deck management, making things a lot more fluid.

Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards is currently enjoying success on Steam Greenlight, with the community giving enough interest for Valve to step in. It should be officially available on Steam sometime in ‘early June’.

The mobile versions can be found via the respective iOS and Android links. It’s even available on Windows Phone, which is a big plus for you Microsoft fans still out there.

We’ll be doing an early review of the desktop game, so keep your eyes peeled on the site in the coming days!

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