Vodafone re-launches indoor coverage femtocell as Sure Signal

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January 18, 2010

The femtocell (a very small cell site that is connected to the Vodafone network via broadband) looks like an ordinary router – allowing up to 32 users to be registered and four people to make or receive calls (or use mobile data) at anyone time. Details of who can be registered can be controlled in real-time via a dedicated website.

Manufacturered by Sagem, the now renamed ‘Sure Signal’ can be purchased outright or on a monthly rental, at a lower cost than when it first went on sale last year.

Consumers can pay £50 outright (or £5 per month for 12-months) if they are on a price plan of £25 or above, or £120 on a price plan of below £25. Businesses pay the same, less the VAT.


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